Outside Croke Park in Dublin.

The People of Croke Park photographed fans making their way to the stadium for the Ladies’ (as distinct from the ‘Gentlemen’s) All-Ireland Football finals, for which a record 50,141 spectators turned out.

Dublin took the senior title over Cork with a  score of 3-11 to 1-12, while Limerick beat Louth for the junior title, with a score of 5-06, 0-08.

Tyrone beat Meath 6-08, 1-14 for the intermediate title.

As yet, the GAA has no plans to host a Women’s All-Ireland Football final.

Just a Ladies’ one.

For Ladies, as opposed to Gentlemen.

Dublin make history with back-to-back All-Irelands (RTE)

Record Attendance Yet Again As Croke Park Hosts Ladies Football Finals (

Pics: The People of Croke Park

15 thoughts on “A Record Day

        1. ReproButina

          Cork have had plenty of victories, and plenty over Dublin too. It’ll do them no harm to be on the other side again.

        2. scottser

          frilly will be the first to expound on the quality of football yesterday by both sides. in fact this thread isn’t complete without one of frilly’s ‘hon the mna’s

        3. Frilly Keane

          sum’ting t’ say Brudder

          Like Cork attempting anudder Double this year?
          It was their 12th appearance in the last 14 finals?
          Shur’ like winning 11 ov’em is nathin

          cheezuz ye really are toxic here lately

          1. rotide

            C’mon frilly, can you stop grasping at ancient history. Dublin are the previous and current champions. Cork are nothing, NOTHING , in comparison to that.

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