From top: Members of the Labour party at its think-in at the D Hotel in Drogheda, Co Louth; a number of political correspondents outside a meeting of the party yesterday


At the Labour party think-in in Drogheda, Co Louth.

A number of political correspondents listened through a door while a private meeting of Labour party members was under way.

Further to this…

Jennifer Bray, in Times Ireland edition, reports:

Brendan Howlin was excoriated by disgruntled members at a private meeting during the Labour Party’s think-in yesterday.

Mr Howlin faced a sustained onslaught about his leadership and was told that the public was “indifferent” to him and that the manner in which he was elected leader was “disgraceful”.

During a sometimes raucous meeting, councillors also vented their frustration about “disenfranchised” voters and the direction of the party.

Alan Kelly, the Labour TD for Tipperary, attacked his party, saying that the performance of the parliamentary group was “not good enough”.

Members should be encouraged to break ranks to air their grievances, he said, while representatives in the Dáil needed to be in the media more often.

Meanwhile, this morning.

Elaine Loughlin, in the Irish Examiner, reports:

A lengthy and at times heated debate on the Labour party leadership ended with members hugging each other, Brendan Howlin has revealed.

Mr Howlin has said the issue of leadership of the Labour party has been put to bed until after the next General Election.

Brendan Howlin attacked by Labour members over ‘lacklustre leadership’ (Jennifer Bray, Times Ireland edition)

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28 thoughts on “Labour Pains

  1. scottser

    alan kelly having a go? he’s one of the main reasons voters were turned off the labour party. him and joan.

        1. Cian

          reminds me of a Limerick:

          There once was a man from Kent
          whose dick was so long it was bent.
          To stay out of trouble,
          he put it in doubled.
          And instead of coming he went

    1. Frilly Keane

      ah dote
      I’ll take that as a compliment

      as for not saying anything
      so who exactly is the liar?

      and since you insist I own and run the place work away lads
      I’m having a ball watching it all

    1. Rob_G

      Even a stopped clock is right twice a day – I never hear of Labor being quoted in the media any more these days; they do really need to something radical to stop the rot.

      1. SOQ

        How about they get rid of the pension watchers at the top and start to figure out how to attract younger people? The age demographic of that picture says it all.

  2. Frilly Keane

    tis lovely all the same

    the smell of trolls falling apart

    I think you forgot to swap out into your two other log ins Midgie

    do you want me to do here for you

  3. SOQ

    The whole top table of that party needs to go. It’s the only way they will gain any level of credibility back

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