Could You Use A Laugh?


Free Friday?

Enjoy comedy?

Emily O’Callaghan writes:

Did you know? Going to see live stand up comedy doesn’t have to mean sitting through the same style of jokes delivered by someone who is shouting while they sweat on you?

There is a place that you can go where you can hear diverse, intellectual and hilarious people entertain you with their fresh, well crafted humour.

It’s called Gold. Comedy Gold. This Friday we are collaborating with RTÉ to bring you some of the best new voices on the scene.

The link for the last few tickets is below. Snap them up and join us in Collins Barracks [Dublin 7] this Friday for Culture Night for a live recording of some great acts from Comedy Gold!

One of our shows is already sold out but there are a few tickets left for the 6.30 pm slot.

Comedy Gold at Collins Barracks

7 thoughts on “Could You Use A Laugh?

  1. Cian

    Are all the jokes as old as the Space Shuttle[1]?

    [1] 1970s technology – the last flight was over 7 years ago. ;-(

    1. scottser

      i just remembered a joke that went around after a shuttle blew up in the 80’s.
      how do you make a nasa cocktail?
      7-up and a dash of teachers.

      1. Cian

        If we’re doing insensitive 80s jokes:

        Q: Where do Pan Am Air Hostesses go on their Christmas holidays?
        A: All over Scotland.

    2. Giggidygoo

      Jayzus you’re a nice lot alright.
      I went to see Dylan Moran last week in Glasgow. Came on stage at 20:10 hrs, took a break at 20:45 hrs, came back at 21:10 hrs, finished at 21:45 hours. And he gave a ‘show’ of utter waffle, 5% funny and the rest so unfunny that there wasn’t even one call in the theatre for ‘more’ at the end. What a waste of £30.
      First and last time i will go see a stand-up comedian. The ones on here are ten times better, and cost nothing – even a thought.

  2. mark

    Ireland could do with a radio comedy show akin to BBC’s Newsjack or Mock the Week. Its a great way to give starting comedians an outlet since there’s feck all on de telly.

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