Live From The Hill of Faughart


From top The Hill of Faughart, Dundalk, County Louth; Dundalk trio L-arry

Corridor – a multi arts project focusing on the political, social and cultural consequences of borders – is back for a second year.

Marcel Kreuger (him off the telly!) writes:

Following the first series of events in 2017, we are delighted to announce the Corridor 2018 bringing together artists from all over Ireland and Europe.

Our first event in 2018, the corridor no. 4, will be `L’arry on the Hill’.

Local up-and-coming music trio L-arry will perform a special acoustic set at the Hill of Faughart, Dundalk, County Louth – on the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland on September 21, to coincide with Culture Night.

This will be followed by the official launch of the first the corridor publication, with new contributions from some of last year’s artists (among them Evelyn Conlon, Garett Carr and Paul Scraton), at Roe River Books in Dundalk in October.

The Corridor

L’arry on The Hill (facebook)

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      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Don’t care, GRANDAD.
        I lie. I love facts like that. Except I end up getting lost in Wikipedia for ages and half-remember everything I read.
        For instance: “Fiona Bruce’s brother Edward died there, I think. I really like Fake or Fortune? Wibble wibble.”

      2. Niallo

        …after he spent a couple of nights wenching in king bruces tavern on the junction of earl street and park street, although I suspect it wasnt called king bruces tavern at the time.

      3. Iwerzon

        Edward the Bruce is buried in Faughart. There is a fantastic well and ribbon tree in the graveyard.Quite a mystical place, great place for a gig.

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