Minister for Transport Shane Ross reportedly said he has nothing to do with the Bus Connects plan and no responsibility for the National Transport Authority

Dublin’s new bus transport plan
Isn’t something the minister can
Bring himself to endorse
Did he read it? Of course
Not. He gave it a cursory scan

John Moynes


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10 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Otis Blue

    He’s perfected that Varadkar thing where nothing within his ministerial remit has anything whatsoever to do with him.

    A complete and utter waste of space.

  2. stephen

    So what is he actually paid for
    Maybe the NTA needs to be renamed a private company with no accountability to who gives Them a big fat cheque from public funds

  3. paul

    the NTA are answerable to his Department therefore to him.

    Can we get a refund on Shane Ross? He’s only keeping a seat warm.

  4. Giggidygoo

    The Minister with no responsibility. Same reaction to every issue he didn’t get involved in, yet was part of his departnent’s responsibility.
    Did anyone at this meeting ask him about Stepaside?

    Will Naughton pull the same stunt when Actavo becomes a real discussion point as regards Broadband?

    How’s that Cath Lab coming along in Waterford, for another ‘independent’ TD. Halligan?

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      There isn’t much we agree on Giggidy, but Ross is so far out of his depth he can’t remember where the shore is

    2. stephen

      Actually stepaside is the address ideal for him to live in
      It suits him
      Step aside from any responsibility
      And he had the gall to call TDs from the country terrorists

    3. stephen

      DOBs involvement actually should not be considered as there is still an issue over his taxes over the east disposal
      The opposition need to get on top of this
      If you have problems with the revenue you cannot under law deal with any government contract
      This stinks to high heaven after the Lowry affair

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