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An emotional update from Kenny Tynan, who who has a brain tumour and has permission to use cannabis oil under licence for seizure control, on the latest frustrating developments in his efforts to secure and pay for the oil.

Strong language.

Kenny Tynan (Facebook)

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4 thoughts on “Oil Crisis

  1. Johnny Keenan

    This man who can answer 2 simple questions.
    The question are
    1.Why is he recommending that the HSE do NOT cover the cost of Kenny Tynan’s medical cannabis which is proven to be good for him but will cover the cost of pharmaceutical anticonvulsant drugs that are proven to be bad for him?
    2.Why are other citizens covered under the long term illness scheme but Kenny is not?

    He is a consultant. Of course he is.
    This is the contact info for Professor Michael Barry
    St James’s Hospital
    Ph:- 018962291
    email:- FOI Professor Michael Barry

    Kenny Tynan stood up for himself and thousands of others.
    Now is the time for us to stand up for
    Kenny and ourselves.

  2. Increasing Displacement

    Disgraceful treatment by said clinician and the government
    The fact you need a sign-off to use a natural product by a minister is a joke

  3. Fweed

    The proposed direct access scheme for medical cannabis (which is not up and running yet) and the existing licensing scheme are overly conservative, limited in scope and likely cause unnecessary harm to those who urgently need access to regulated medical cannabis. The current framework is no substitute for a properly defined Regulatory Act which would work. 31 states in the US have regulated medical cannabis, 21 European states have some form of regulation, most notably Germany. The Department of Health and the HPRA are aware of this but chose to focus on a limited category of cases where access “may be allowed” provided a Consultant signs off on its use. The problem is many of these consultants haven’t a clue about cannabinoids for medical use, and their is a serious gap in the knowledge base which is not being rectified. Some of them are refusing to engage with the possibility that cannabis has any medical use at all, despite the evidence. They therefore persist with using synthetic medications, with serious side effects many of which have failed to work?

    Meanwhile people are acquiring medical cannabis on the Black market, which in itself is problematic. Something has got to give. Regulation makes sense, and until that happens people like Kenny are continuing to suffer, needlessly. The worst that can be said about medical cannabis is that it might not work, it’s side-effects are negligible compared to some of the more serious pharmaceutical drugs that are being prescribed.

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