This morning.

Government news service Merrion Street tweetz:

The Minister for Housing and Minister for Health are launching the National Implementation Plan for Housing First at St. Agatha’s Court in Dublin this morning.

There you go now.

Earlier: Anne Marie McNally: Out Of Reach

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14 thoughts on “Home And Dry

  1. RoShamBo

    Eoghan’s body language in the top photo is betraying his real disdain for the less well off. Better get Terry P on the case to fix that.

    1. dav

      more akin to hatred than disdain. It’s true of most blushrits who main belief is that the poor and homeless are in that way because of their laziness and that they are “gaming” the system – hence their anger and hatred towards the poor and the homeless.
      They believe that suitable punishment for such “people” is to allow “the market” to keep them poor and homeless whilst also benefiting their party’s vulture fund mates.

  2. The Bad Ambassador

    When I look at Murphy, I just see Jack Pearson from “This Is Us”.

    Which is a shame because now I can’t watch “This Is Us” without thinking of that clown.

  3. A Person

    Seriously, well done the Shinners for all their negative comments on here. Blue shirts don’t want to deliver housing, blah, blah blah. How many houses have the left delivered in the last 10 years – Zero. Let’s just hurl on the ditch, protest, but deliver nowt. I don’t like FG but they are in govt trying to do something as opposed to the left who don’t want power in case they have to do something as opposed to spout the same old crap.

    1. Donal

      I don’t know why I’m taking the bait, but

      seriously? You’re asking why those who haven’t been elected haven’t done more than those who have been in power?

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