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    1. Peter Dempsey

      Jane Ruffino, Aoife Barry, Gavan Titley, Billy Gannon, Robin Oree, Andrew Galvin etc would not agree.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        So a debate is very very much needed then. What with your list of content marketers, and consultants, and light to middle weight academics… I’m sure Pinker and Chomsky, for starters, would floor them in a debate. We need more debate on this regressive identity politics nonsense. Enough of this totalitarian cultural Marxist identity politics already :) Debate !

          1. Clampers Outside!

            I guess it would meet the same qualifications as feminism but without the ideological orthodoxy. So yeah, probably, but you knew that already so maybe ask yourself as you seem to know more about it, past commentary considered, than I do.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear that there is after years of campaigning for equality in mental health there is only in the past few weeks been the creation of the ‘male psychology’ section in the British Psychology Society. Isn’t it just brilliant, finally male psychology to be viewed equal to the study of female psychology. Well done to all involved.

          3. deluded

            I’m asking you, who believes so strongly in the importance of identity politics.
            Why do you think it is Marxist?

          4. Clampers Outside!

            Firstly, I dont believe that ID politics is important. I believe it is ignorant to focus on identity alone as is currently done by ID politics activists.

            ID Politics as it is known today derived from the black feminist movement which itself was based in Marxism. Many Marxist theorists disagree with what they had done. But it is there, plain and simple in the origins of ID politics in that movement.

            To be more specific, who coined ID politics? That’d be The Cohabee River Collective, a black lesbian feminist marxist movement.

            Following are a couple of quotes from Wikipedia – ” [The] ‘Combahee River Collective Statement’ – a key document in the history of contemporary Black feminism and the development of the concepts of identity as used among political organizers and social theorists.”

            ” The Collective developed a multidimensional analysis recognizing a “simultaneity of oppressions”; refusing to rank oppressions based on race, class and gender. According to author and academic Angela Davis, this analysis drew on earlier Black Marxist and Black Nationalist movements, and was anti-racist and anti-capitalist in nature.”

            Now, as I said, many still debate the CRC application of ID Politics in Marxist theory, (as you are likely to do, I believe), but there is no denying the origins of ID politics coming from this Marxist movement and its ideas.

          5. Clampers Outside!

            Then there is this piece, where the revisionist and the traditional Marxism are analysed under the title of – “Agents of knowledge: Marxist identity politics in the Revisionismusstreit”

            “…. In this article, I contend that the name-calling of this period, the Revisionismusstreit, should be seen as creative. In contrast to politico-ideological perceptions of the Streit, which construe the clash of Marxist and Revisionist as representative of foundational Social Democratic party political realities, I highlight the manner in which being Marxist—the veneration of Marx’s and Friedrich Engels’s word into a Marxology of sorts by Marxists and Revisionists alike—held a certain epistemic value in its own right. ”

            Full article requires a login, but the summary (source of quote) is here – https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01916599.2016.1182043?journalCode=rhei20

            It is my understanding that the Streit (German for argument) referred to above is with regard to the positions and debate of movements of the time, such as,say, the German movement The Marxist Group (Marxistische Gruppe) from that period. (I’d happily take a correction on this).

          6. Clampers Outside!

            Now, I’m not saying these people are not challenged, I am only answering your question… “Why do you think it is Marxist?”
            I could’ve posted more reasons… even stuff from Jordan Peterson, but I thought that’d be too easy for you to scoff at :)
            But, I hope that’ll do for now… thanks.

          7. deluded

            I have Google too, thanks.
            What I mean is, can people not have their own identity if they are just mildly socialist or a bit gay or whatever?
            You cannot say that men haven’t benefitted from finally being able to speak about their troubles.
            I think identity politics are great.

          8. Clampers Outside!

            On your first bit… People can identify as whatever they want, of course. No one says people cannot have an identity… or whatever, as you put it.

            It is when individuals are judged ias groups, that identity politics causes problems.

            On the second bit… Yes, men benefit now. But they shouldn’t have had to compete against the ideological ID politics of feminism for decades in order to be heard.
            They should have been viewed as equal, and conditions requiring attention regardless of identity (or gender in this case) should’ve been addressed in order of need, not group identity.

            It is and was ID politics in the form of feminism that resulted in this ‘competition’ space being created. Additionally, feminist ideologues campaigned until just a few weeks ago against the creation of a male psych section in the BPS.
            They don’t want a distinction made, of men being of a different psych make up to the female psych, because that would be a move away from a tenet of feminist ideology, that defunct idea of the blank slate so desperately still hung onto.

            On your closing line… For those reasons above, in this comment, and others, I don’t think ID politics is great, and so we disagree on that.

          9. deluded

            What is identity politics?
            Appeal to these shared commonalities, or disdain for similarly constituted groups seen as undesirable or aberrant, has likely been a feature of primate politics since before the emergence of Homo sapiens.”
            “… The New Left originated as a leftist revival that sought to swap in these and other subcultural concerns as substitutes for Marxist class struggle…”

            Most identity politics I see are not particularly Marxist, a few of them are in fact anti-Marxist and that has been so since time immemorial.

          10. Clampers Outside!

            “…are not particularly…” meaning they have elements of Marxism still – or as I have pointed out above, ID politics has its roots in Marxist movements. And isn’t that evident in some of the links I provided, so not sure why you are repeating it back to me, in fairness. And yes, some are anti-Marxist. But that doesn’t change the origin of the idea of ID politics.

            As I said earlier, ” I’m not saying these people are not challenged, I am only answering your question… “Why do you think it is Marxist?” ” …and I stated that Marxism is evident in their own roots, which are the roots of ID politics. How they evolved is not what you asked.

            – – –

            While I’m here… This all sounds like an argumentation approach and commentary style very much like wee Nigel’s :) Let’s just say I have my suspicions, and I’d bet on that too :)

            Nite nite now, it’s been fun !

          11. deluded

            a) You engage in identity politics.
            b) Apparently your identity politics is right but the others are wrong (ideological orthodoxy)
            c) There would be no menenism without feminism, but it kills you to admit the debt you owe to feminists in tackling your common enemy.
            d) Identity politics features every political persuasion but the ones you disagree with are “Marxist” for some reason. Makes me wonder where you are with the anti-Marxist ones.
            f) More than one person can see that you make sentences out of words you neither understand individually nor together. To mistake me for Nigel shows a remarkable inability to self-reflect or to assess others.
            g) 90% of Broadsheet comments are now this kind of rambling, fact-free dross. Good luck with that.

          12. deluded

            … ok, 90% is a bit unfair, otherwise I would hardly bother to keep reading.
            As far as I’m concerned stuff like the KKK is also identity politics in which case so is half the stuff in between that isn’t nationalism.
            Not my definition, it’s explained in the Rational Wiki link.
            Bemoaning identity politics while practicing it seems bizarre to me and I would disagree on which identity politics are the right-or-wrong ones or related to whatever socio-economic strategy.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Pardon? I have no blind spot in my disdain for ID politics. Neither do most Left leaning thinkers who are not ideologically informed such as Stephen Pinker and Naom Chomsky… or are you going to tell me they have a blind spot too…. :/

          1. Clampers Outside!

            The disdain comes from the fact that ID politics has fractured the Left and made it virtually useless in getting mass support for real issues like employment, welfare, etc. …you know, the things the left used to focus on.

          2. realPolithicks

            When you boil it all down it down the difference between the left and the right is that people on the left care about their fellow human beings and the issues affecting them whereas people on the right generally only care about themselves and how they are affected by government in terms of regulations and taxes imposed. This of course is using a very broad brush stroke and somewhat simplistic description. The reason the left tend to be fragmented is because they want to try to resolve the many issues affecting the vast majority of ordinary people. I don’t see that as a bad thing because if you are waiting for the FFG, republican or conservative parties of the world to seriously address these issues you will be very disappointed. So if you want to call that “identity politics” go ahead but I see it as genuine concern for our fellow human beings and increasingly important in a world which is lurching rightward at an alarming pace.

          3. deluded

            I would quibble with you realPolithicks, plenty conservatives care about people and plenty lefties hate others, how they go about it obviously differs and who has value in what system can have positive and negative effects.

  1. f_lawless

    For anyone following the latest in the ongoing Novichok saga, I think Craig Murray’s article is very worthy of consideration before the story fades from public view again. He analysed the three photos using industry standard face matching software. Photos 2 and 3 are confirmed as the same person. Photo 1, while deemed to have an 83% similarity, is given less than 3% likelihood to be the same person.
    You would have thought the British media would have run their own similar tests but not so in the age of stenographer journalism that we live in. I think it’s reason enough to be sceptical…unless, Putin has hacked the facial recognition tech industry?..hmm

    1. bisted

      …what’s this Ollie…you’re linking to an article by some Johhny foreigner suggesting that Boris is dishonest?

      1. ReproButina

        An article that can’t work out why the EU rejected Chequers, despite the EU repeatedly explaining their reasoning.

        1. ReproButina

          Meanwhile Rees-Mogg admits they’ve been trying, and failing, to undermine Michel Barnier.

          “The member states have not so far cracked under pressure from the efforts of our diplomatic service and have continued to support Michel Barnier,” he says in the Torygraph.

          Divide and conquer was always their favourite tactic but the EU27 remains united.

    2. Dub Spot

      Yawn. Even Patrick Kielty gets it, mate. Do we need to flush you a second time?

      Patrick’s father John was murdered by loyalist paramilitaries at the height of the troubles in 1988.

      ‘The EU is not responsible for your blundering lack of foresight’ – Patrick Kielty slams Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan

      18. You will be remembered not as the Churchillian visionary you delude yourself to be but the ignoramus who triggered the break up of the UK.

      “19. If there’s any justice all this will come to pass when you’re Prime Minister so you can finally swim in the constitutional sewage you’ve created (though we all know you’ll be in Nice with your trotters up)

      “20. Meantime, if you’re so concerned about keeping Northern Ireland totally aligned with the rest of the UK where’s your support for our same sex marriage and women’s right to choose? Your silence is deafening.”

  2. Abigail

    By all accounts Lady Gaga is fantastic in A Star is Born, I just find it very hard to picture such a performance given her face was so paralyzed that she could only open and close her mouth on Graham Norton last night.

  3. johnny

    Digicel DeathWatch-quick update.

    Digi is frozen out of the debt/bond markets its persona non grata,failed with its IPO efforts and is loss making,is way over leveraged (has too much debt).Dennis has a few choices including he could inject desperately needed equity/cash from the over 1 Billion he took out (haha),or they can sell assets as a distressed seller to blood thirsty vultures.

    Digi has chosen to sell its cell towers and the lease them back.Its sells these towers to a Tactical Opportunity platform backed by Blackstone, an opportunistic investment platform.

    Yesterday,Digi announced the sale off 451 telecoms towers in Jamaica to Phoenix Tower International (PTI) for 90-million,some info on Phoenix below.This works out to be about 200,000 each, great so far however Digi must now pay RENT on these, keep in mind it does not generate positive cash flow, its loss making.

    At return of say 20% this works out at 40,000 per tower or 18 million year in rent,which puts the yield/return on a par with the total return from its bonds.

    To give this some context Digi was issuing junk bonds at 81/2 %,this new cash raising exercise or financing has a cost of capital at 20% which is desperate stuff, its know as ‘hard money’,only a company teetering on edge bankruptcy would do this.This is the last drink at the last chance saloon time,I will try over the weekend too extrapolate from available public materials how many they haver left to sale/leaseback.

    Previously Digi sold 251 towers in West Indies and 202 in El Salvador to PTI,it has 309 towers in the Pacific under contact with same buyer scheduled to close by end year at 50 million.
    The per tower price for the pending Pacific sale is low at 160 thousand but that may be net proceeds.

    One question that has been asked is why Digi didn’t simply spin these out to a sub and issue bonds or raise some debt against them, with a lease in place they would be income producing.Are things that bad at Digi that they have flog income producing cell towers at 20% returns to vulture funds ?


    1. millie st murderlark

      I think we should change your posts to Dinnywatch or possibly Digiwatch. Top work again Johnny :)

      1. Johnny

        Thanks Millie,surfs up heading out,working on -is Lil Stevie (founder blackstone) about *Feck* Dennis O’Brien as Blackstone now owns most Digi’s towers or toll roads,it also owns Digis bonds !

        1. Johnny

          Thanks Nigel,the proceeds from this fire sale won’t even cover the coupon payments due on the 3 Billion in bonds,Digicel is trying extend,swap.There’s been quite a lot focus this week on whether or not Digi has the cash on hand to make those coupon payments, and if so will it or strategically default.

  4. Dub Spot

    Does ANYONE believe this BS about Facebook 50m accounts being hacked as anything other than a distraction from more fundamental issues going on such companues? Does ANYONE believe Mr Z’s account was even attempted to be hacked as part of it? (https://www.engadget.com/2018/09/28/zuckerberg-facebook-page-hacker-livestream/)

    Facebook says nearly 50m users compromised in huge security breach


    “The company has notified the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) about the breach. The implementation of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meant that Facebook was required to notify data protection authorities within 72 hours if any affected users were in the European Economic Area.”

    “The Irish DPC was critical in its initial response to the breach, tweeting: “At present Facebook is unable to clarify the nature of the breach & risk to users. We are pressing Facebook to urgently clarify these matters.
    “Articles about the data breach by the Guardian and the Associated Press were temporarily flagged as spam on Facebook, preventing users from sharing news of the attack on their profiles. The company attributed the error to its “automated systems” and apologized, but did not provide further explanation.”

    Working for FB must be like being a priest in the Catholic Church. Of course, not having any real friends probably helps….

    1. SOQ

      The old saying still prevails : There is no such thing as a secure IT system. Although in the case of surveillance companies like FaceBook, they deserve all they get.

      Why is Google now forcing all north of the border Chrome users in Ireland to use google.co.uk rather than .ie or com? Any idea clampers?

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