A two-minute highlight from Thursday’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

Cork-based cannabis oil activist Vera Twomey recalls meeting Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the ‘People of the Year’ Awards last April.

Vera secured a cannabis oil licence for her daughter Ava, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, after a three-year long battle.

The part of Vera’s award speech directed at Mr Varadkar was cut out by RTÉ in a highlighted tweet from the station on the night, but can be watched here

Vera appeared on the ‘telly’ with brain tumor sufferer Kenny Tynan, who, despite securing a licence, has been told costs obtaining the oil (approx €5,000 every three months) will not be reimbursed.

Full show here.

Thanks Dermot Bohan

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36 thoughts on “Meeting Leo

  1. realPolithicks

    The situation in Ireland regarding medicinal cannabis oil is ridiculous (5,000 euro every 3 months is a scandal). Currently you can buy a half gram cartridge for about $30 on the street here in Brookline, Massachusetts and soon it will be available to purchase in stores for recreational use. Ireland needs to wake up and realize that smoking or ingesting cannabis oil is not only NOT bad for you but in many instances is actually good for you, and at the very LEAST it should be legalized for medicinal use immediately.

        1. johnny

          WTF are you doing buying drugs on the street,very uncivilized, they have had delivery service in NY for ages,stores in Aspen and LA,stay off those streets :)
          I completely agree,Ireland should immediately lay claim to being pro pot,Colorado sourced over 300 Million in taxes from legalizing it, that number will only grow.
          I can stroll into a dispensary in LA buy pre-rolled joints, weed itself, hash,oil,edibiles in any flavors,strains why not in Ireland ?
          The Irish govt is blowing a massive opportunity to become the leading center of hemp and weed growing, extraction and cooking for the medical and rec markets in Europe.
          It’s a surprise that irish farmers haven’t realized how lucrative CBD and weed are and lobbied for licensing.

          “In ten years, market intelligence firm Prohibition Partners predicts that the European cannabis market will be worth €115.7bn, of which medical cannabis will account for just under half (€55.2bn). These estimates – outlined in the third edition of The European Cannabis Report™ – come as the UK joins a growing number of countries to legalise cannabis for medicinal use and momentum builds across much of Europe for recreational legalisation.”


          1. realPolithicks

            Lol, I didn’t say that I was buying on the street but you could if you wanted too. We don’t have delivery yet but hopefully we will have dispensaries similar to yours very soon selling to the general public as we do for the medicinal side. On the larger point though its madness that Ireland (like many other countries in fairness, its still not legal even in most of the US) still has these barriers in place and I’m guessing that as SOQ suggested the pharma industry has a big hand in it. Cannabis is a safe drug, much less harmful than alcohol for instance and its time it was legalized in the same way.

          2. johnny

            I’ve hiked camped, did bit cross country stuff in Berkshires,gods country in fall, they trying attract this industry there, revitalize old mill towns.
            The police and prison officers and their,unions funded major black op’s and anti legal propaganda in various states.I’m sure big Pharma too,25 % medical card patients are on prescribed anti-depressants in Ireland.
            Legalize the whole thing, growing,cultivation,indoors and outdoors,greenhouses,extration.Ringfence the taxes use them for opioid treatment and education.

  2. SOQ

    I know this is not about cannabis oil so apologies BS but I came across these people at a food show just yesterday. https://kamahemp.com/ Kate said she has customers with all sorts of conditions who find it helpful.

    No wonder big pharma don’t want it mainstreamed and no surprise a pro big business government are so reluctant to allow it’s use for medical conditions.

    People dying on the streets because of corruption and the legalisation of extracts from a plant is threatening what exactly?

      1. SOQ

        For some odd reason it appeared then disappeared then reappeared clamps. Strange. Dunno maybe a browser issue.

  3. Cian

    Firstly I think cannabis should be decriminalised – both for recreational use and medicinal use.

    Secondly. Vera couldn’t get cannabis oil in Ireland because she couldn’t get a neuralogist to proscribed/recommend it. Harris met her halfway and said if she could show that it worked for her kid (abroad) that he would allow it in Ireland *without* a doctor to prescribe.

          1. Establishment

            You think there’s always complete black and white here – that Harris can never do any good and Vera can never be mistaken?

            Please consider that sometimes people can tell the truth, even if you don’t like it.

          2. Mango

            Every article I read I see you comment at people about having multiple accounts, when they disagree with you – you attack people, me included during the G O’d interviews, you have a very nasty attitude, you really need to check yourself.

          3. jusayinlike

            Nobody attacked you mongo, you raised the McCann topic, which I asked you questions about, you couldn’t answer them, instead you got outraged and stated that you were being trolled.

            Are you willing to answer any of the questions asked you about the McCann case?

  4. Peter Dempsey

    It’s funny seeing people who are pro-legalisation getting worked up about the possibility of Rachel Allen’s son getting a light sentence.

    1. Dub Spot

      The difference is that people like legal cannabis helping people. They don’t like alleged criminal behaviour especially from a wealthy dynastic family corporate that thrives on publicity and PR. “Psst, wanna buy some good filo pastry avocado wrap?” – Na, can’t see Darina in a balaclava.

  5. Nelly Not On You

    CBD has no clear signs of actually doing anything. There is a vague study stating it has mild affects on anxiety but that isn’t very clear, yet.

    CBD oil is snake oil. It’s unproven. It’s health shop nonsense. And you can shout your anecdotal evidence until the cows lactate cbd oil. But as we all know lately, this place isn’t about facts.

    Comment deleted in…

    1. Ron

      Rubbish. There is plenty of evidence to suggest it has medicinal effect. Ireland needs to get progressive about this and start following the lead of various countries who have legalised it for medicinal purposes.

      There is a misinformed opinion in this country that seems to believe it will lead to people walking down the streets with a big reefer in their mouth.

      The UK have just legalised it for medicinal purposes following expert reviews. Do our politicians think they are more expert then the medical professionals in the UK?

      The review into cannabis-based medicines in the UK was conducted in 2 parts.

      Professor Dame Sally Davies will take forward the first part of the review, considering the evidence available for the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis-based medicines. This will inform which cannabis-based medicines should be taken forward to part 2 of the review.

      The second part of the review will be led by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) which will provide an assessment based on the balance of harms and public health needs, of what, if anything, should be rescheduled.

      I will go with the qualified opinions of these professionals as opposed to the unqualified twats that call themselves politicians in this country.

      As usual Ireland showing the rest of the world what a backward nation we are.

        1. SOQ

          See my comment above Nelly.

          Kate said she has one customer who has Parkinsons and it helps him cut way back on the medication for the shakes. Now it could be a placebo effect but I doubt it. I personally know of someone who takes it for arthritis and if you have ever had to take strong anti inflammatories then you will know how hard they can be on the body.

          These people have nothing to prove, they just want some relief from their symptoms, and if it helps then I really don’t see why anyone else should have a problem with it. Doctors hide behind the pharma science because of liability but when you have something like St Johns Wort which can render the pill ineffective, you can be pretty certain that some of these herbs have their own medicinal properties.

          1. anne

            yeah, defo not placebo.. something to do with those canabanoid receptors in the brain. they’re in the same area that controls movement.

            Animal research, too, suggests that marijuana calms muscle spasticity.

            Spasms are thought to originate in areas of the brain that control movement, including several sites with abundant cannabinoid receptors. In one experiment, researchers found that rodents became more animated under the influence of small amounts of cannabinoids but less active when they received larger doses. Many marijuana users also note that the drug affects movement, making their bodies sway and their hands unsteady. The exact mechanism(s) by which cannabinoids exert these effects remains unknown.

      1. C(ontrar)ian

        Perhaps. But there are no long term studies of the affects ofcannabis medication on children. Doctors would be slow to prescribe it for this reason.

  6. anne

    Vera is great. She has a cracking sense of humour.. she’s so upfront and unpretentious the likes of Leo the early bird who catches the worm, would run.

    “I better go over to him” “what ya gonna doooo Leo” lol

    What a boyo is right.

    Michael Martin basically said the same about him on the Late Late. Zero f’in respect for people.

    A ignorant ladypart is what he is. He can hardly hide his contempt for people like Vera.. he had to stop himself from ranting on about people getting free houses in the Dail there recently.

  7. anne

    This is annoying me the more I think about it.

    How f’in dare he treat this mother so badly. She’s walked up and down the breadth of the country – more than once – to try and save her daughter’s life and he can’t be bothered and man handles her shoving his shoulder in her face. What a loser.

    He can get up early all he likes putting on his stupid socks, but what’s the use if you’re spending your days an ignorant smug fool.

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