Meanwhile, In Tuam


This morning/afternoon.

Tuam, County Galway

Ciaran Tierney writes:

Survivors held a special service of remembrance for the 796 Tuam babies at the Tuam site. Women from all over the world knitted a beautiful white blanket to honour each of the babies…

Tuam Home Survivors; Network

Yesterday: How To make An Irish Quilt

Pics via Ciaran Tierney, National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks, Elaine Feeney

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Tuam

  1. Mary Power

    Who will knit a blanket as a memorial to the victims of our repealed 8th amendment??

    Incredible that so many fail to see the incongruity of our national outcry against the fate of the Tuam babies and our equally enthusiastic demand that a similar fate should befall their modern counterparts! Oh the blindness of Man and Woman!!
    Mary Power.

    1. Dub Spot

      Mary, you are hereby nominated to be the first of the IONA/ALIVE! knitting circus to knit a tiny foetus as a memorial to that would-have-been-patter of tiny foeti.

      Here’s a handy knitting pattern with soundtrack for as a productivity enhancer:
      “Will The Fetus Be Aborted” by Dead Kennedys

      Post a image of your results to BS when you’re done.

      Bless you.

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