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This morning.

Dublin Rental Investigator spotted the advertisement, above, on

They tweeted:

Carl from Home Estates offers space in a triple room for approx €500pm plus bills. There are six tenants currently.

The RTB shows only 3-bed flats and under registered at this location. Potential gross rent of €4,482.

Since then.

They’ve tweeted an update, saying:

I emailed Carl and cc’d in Residential Tenancies Board, Dublin City Council Private Rented Accommodation and the PSR and the advert has been immediately removed. #RaiseTheRoof

There you go now.

Dublin Rental Investigator

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2 thoughts on “No Photo Available

  1. george

    The sad thing is DCC do nothing unless a tenant complains which they will never do because they’re desperate and don’t want to be kicked out onto the street.

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