From top: A cruise ship earmarked for the homeless in San Fransisco, USA;  Fr Peter McVerry at the Raise The Roof protest yesterday

This morning.

Jack Power, in The Irish Times, reported on correspondence he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act which shows that Dublin City Council had been considering a plan to house up to 150 homeless people on a rented cruise ship.

The plan was later shelved.

But Mr Power has since been told by the council that “it is something we are not ruling out”.

The correspondence obtained under FOI also showed that the council believed meeting Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy’s target of housing 300 extra homeless families in family hubs by the end of the year was “unlikely to be achieved”.

City council refloat idea of housing homeless on cruise ship (Jack Power, The Irish Times)

Further to this…

On RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Seán O’Rourke, homeless campaigner Fr Peter McVerry said the ship proposal was a “non-runner”.

He said the council wouldn’t be able to afford to hire a large cruise ship or have one docked close enough to Dublin city centre which is where it would be needed.

He then said:

“Part of the problem is the number of people and families who are coming into homelessness is far greater than the number that the local authorities are able to house.

“Until we stop the flow of families coming into homelessness, we’re going to be coming up with all these mad solutions. The way to stop the vast majority of families coming into homelessness is to legislate – to make it illegal for banks, vulture funds, or landlords to put families out onto the streets.

“…For three years. We have an emergency, let’s have a three-year emergency action, you stop these families, most of them coming into homeless, and then you’re in a position to deal with the families who are currently homeless.”

Fine Gael councillor at Dublin City Council Paddy Smyth disagreed.

He said:

I hate to play the bad guy here but what… the unintended consequences of that would be less houses would be built because if you have a market where, essentially, you don’t have to pay a mortgage and you don’t have to pay rent, for whatever reason, ok, for whatever reason, and there’s no recourse to that…

It means that people who would provide housing, who would build housing, who would provide mortgages will not do that in that market and that is reality.

“That seems cold-hearted but that is the reality of the situation. So yes, we must make sure that people aren’t evicted illegally but, essentially, if you decided that no evictions were allowed from now on, or people should not tenancies anymore, it would mean that less houses would be built so it would.

“And that would be the unintended consequence. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to be the only grown-up in this conversation here – but that is the problem there.”

Fr McVerry disagreed with Cllr Smyth and said during the three-year moratorium, if someone is selling a commercial property, and there are tenants living over the property, than the tenants shouldn’t be affected by the sale.

Fr McVerry also said if a bank wants to sell a repossessed house, the bank should sell it with the tenants left unaffected.

Listen back in full here

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

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35 thoughts on “Ship Happens

    1. Martco

      Damien English was asked several times & was pushed for an answer on this on Morning Ireland earlier today….just have a listen back to his parties twist on it if you need a little anger in your life…..eventually, according to Mr English’s spin “boats & ships are used in lots of other countries for high-end housing & the student population…” so ye can be absolutely certain it’s in the Tory parties thinking alrite


      1. Leon Down

        Nigella, what makes you think you have the necessary moral compass to judge others in any way?

        Tell you what: Why don’t we abort the homeless, that’ll solve all problems.

        1. millie st murderlark

          Wow. Well thanks for making it abundantly clear that not only are you a moron, you’re actually a knob too.

          Good to know, pal, good to know.

          1. Papi

            To be fair to auld cranky pants, they haven’t been trying to hide their knobnessness, in fact, the opposite, beaconing it far and wide, which is nice.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      This could be like the scobes equivalent of The World.
      Having a room on a cruise ship that just sails constantly all over the world or maybe in this case around the coast of Ireland.
      Shore excursions to Galway and Cork to pick up the dole money.
      Track suits and white socks would be formal wear for dinner.
      Good times.

    1. Nigel

      So their own taxes are paying for the homeless relief efforts they need to survive, effectively subsidising whoever it is making the profits from this situation. Late stage capitalism is a creeping Kafkaesque nightmare.

      1. Cian

        …or their own taxes are paying for their own accommodation.

        My taxes are also paying toward their accommodation… and I’m also paying for my own accommodation.

          1. johnny

            This has been viewed as a major success, the city did a cost benefit analysis and it was cheaper to provide free legal aid that pay the associated costs with the fall out from evictions.
            “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law an act that guarantees legal representation to any low-income resident facing eviction. This is the first law in the nation to establish a right to counsel in housing cases”

  1. ollie

    “to make it illegal for banks, vulture funds, or landlords to put families out onto the streets.”

    What an utterly stupid statement.

    1. Martco

      it depends on your moral compass @charger, doesn’t it?

      housing is seen as a commodity in your case. not everyone thinks the same as you.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Everyone thinks of a house as a commodity.
        That’s what causes bubbles.
        Smart fellers know when to hold and when to fold.
        Idiots thinks this time next year Rodders we’ll be millionaires.
        Not all of us partied.

  2. ollie

    There’s a 3 bed hosue on Daft for sale in Tallaght for €170k.
    In the UK a couple earning 40k can get a mortgage of 150k over 25 years with repayments of 725 a month.

    In Ireland, mortgage holders are being ripped off.

    1. Rob_G

      Irish people are paying such high rates because it takes so long to repossess a house; this is one of the reason’s why McVerry’s plan, although his heart is in the right place, isn’t feasible.

  3. JunkFace

    They should just create Shipping container apartments in the docks. It has worked in other countries.

    1. millie st murderlark

      Wasn’t there a grand designs programme where a lad built a house from shipping containers in NI?

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          It’s one of the defining characteristics of the British,along with inventiveness,entrepreneurship and a spirit of endeavour and enterprise which has made it the 5th-largest economy in the world and which will carry it through to the sunlit uplands of a post-Brexit world.
          Don’t worry Ireland – we’ll take care of all those many thousands of your citizens forced to flee the economic incompetence at home and into the welcoming embrace of Britannia.
          And you’re welcome by the way.

  4. Ros

    Social housing shouldn’t be seen as just for unemployed. My grandda worked hard all his life and lived in a council house till he died. He paid rent to the council and this was the way things worked until the government ideology changed. Plenty of people say that the government should have no role in housing, let the market sort it out, but this fails time and time again not just in ireland but elsewhere. Housing crisis after crisis repeating it self.
    Singapore seem to have worked out a solution 80% of people live in government housing. If you want something different you are free to buy it yourself but the default is the government flat.

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