Meanwhile, On North Frederick Lane


The ‘Empty? Occupy!’ mural on North Frederick Lane, Dublin 1 on September 7

After the mural was painted over and photographed on September 29

A new addition the painted-over mural, photographed yesterday


That’s better.

Pics (from top): Brian Lawless, Niall Jackson, Shane Coneely

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8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On North Frederick Lane

  1. dav

    Whiff of Helen Lovejoy off of this, no? Seems needlessly emotive when “to hell with homeless” works just as well

  2. john f

    I have serious concerns over the red fist symbolism. Typically this has been associated with extreme socialist/borderline Communist organisations in recent history. It really shows that ideology of the people behind this, where perceived oppression is used to justify shockingly totalitarian systems of government.
    Communism has killed tens of millions over the past few decades, the current system is far from perfect but it could be a hell of a lot worse.
    Take a look at the central message empty? Occupy!
    Does this apply to 2nd homes as well? What if somebody feels their paying too much rent?
    It’s a slippery slope. It’s funny how the people organising these protests and forgot to mention all the dirty dealing in Nama? Or balding protests outside buildings owned by the big foreign-owned vulture funds,?
    I agree with them the more social housing needs to be built but where are going to come from? Why don’t they protesters outside the central bank about our burning of bonds.
    That would generate enough money, or ensure they are filled tax money is directed towards housing.
    But no they just want to occupy property and misdirect public attention from other (arguably more important) matters.

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