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  1. Dub Spot

    Nice graphical front page layout by the Irish Examiner. Kudos for making the point so well.

    Kayne West… well, Bill Cosby’s shoes were available to be filled.


    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Just a small point.
      The two faces are the wrong way around.
      Put McCabe on the right and you have perfect symmetry.

  2. giggidygoo

    McCourt and Naughten. A photo tells a lot. Like the ‘that’s my boy’ placing of the hand on the shoulder.
    Naughten should still be answering questions. The stink hasn’t gone away.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Ooooooooh… that was noisey… 6am Waterford to Dublin ploughed through debris from storm Calllum just outside Thomastown.
    Stopped for a minute, pulled off again slowly, but all good again… although I’m not any good at telling speed when all the windows are like shiney blackboards :)

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Arrived Kilkenny, driver announced apologies for late arrival/departure.

      Train hit a “huge tree” that damaged the front of the train cab, smashing head lights and we’re now running at reduced speed.

      Poor guy must’ve got some shock… lifted me a little, sitting in the front cabin all by me lonesome at the time.
      Anyhoo, all’s good now… or “fixed now” as Bodger would say :)

  4. A force for justice

    Bar the Examiner, most treating the Tribunal as a side story.
    The press have been shameful in many ways & this caps it.

  5. Lilly

    Really annoying ad for Indo on radio this morning, stuffed with cliches. Good to know they’re engaging a ‘war on beige’ – says it all.

    1. DataGlo

      Stop the press, they have decided spicy orange is this year’s hot colour. What kind of tedious minds come up with that crap.

        1. DataGlo

          Yes, we know you don’t care there in Talbot Street but if you’re going to go to the trouble of advertising on the national airwaves, try to make your ads a little less beige, and maybe tantalise would-be readers with more pressing concerns.

  6. scottser

    Irish daily mail lowering the bar again, i see.
    The expression ‘shot with balls of their own shite’ comes to mind.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Dry your eyes m8.
      I’m struggling to see what has offended you so much about the Irish Daily Mail’s front page ?

      1. scottser

        ollie, i’m not surprised by the IDM’s tendency to publish the lurid and graphic details of a death rather than putting something newsworthy on the front page. neither am i offended as i didn’t know the parties involved. however, most normal, empathetic folks would find the gory details sensationalised by that rag somewhat distasteful.
        but not you, i totally get that.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Newspapers have been putting gory court cases on the front pages for as long as they’ve existed old cock.
          Would you rather the headline say ” Elderly farmer killed in handbags at dawn ” ?

          1. scottser

            i don’t doubt it ollie. but it’s telling that’s what they ran with on what was undoubtedly an important day, news-wise. they certainly reached their ‘level’.

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            If it bleeds it leads.
            Selling newspapers since Caxton introduced the printing press to England.

  7. Martco

    Are there no consequences now for Callinan?

    he could be away to his second home in Portugal on full pension and god knows what other payments playing golf.

    For such a heinous thing he should serve time & lose his golden handshake.

    Am I correct in thinking he can’t be prosecuted at all?

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      there is nothing to stop a civil action

      Unless part of his exit package included full indemnity
      AKA another Tax Payer Bailout

  8. Sham Bob

    Why is the government’s majority under threat? Did Naughten resign as a TD as well as Minister? Or is it the case that they can’t rely on his vote?

    1. Lilly

      What fraud, Johnny? Any idea why Kieran McLaughlin stepped down.

      Okay, I found it since. Former Dallas employee embezzled money.

        1. johnny

          Put a few bits under Sunday papers, hoping have update next few days,tracking down the lawsuit the AIF filled to try ‘get back’ the missing million (s),he resigned prior to this being made public.

          They were aware of this fraud/embezzlement last March,but he only recently resigned as Times Irl was working on the finishing touches to its story.

          Its normally the ‘cover up’ that makes everything worse in these situations, in my experience these ‘charity’ frauds and scandals are always under reported at first then…….

          1. Lilly

            I heard rumours about this a while ago but didn’t believe them. I’d say an Aer Lingus plane from JFK to the old sod is being boarded this weekend.

          2. johnny

            It was well know he was making over 600,000 a year which was justified as worth it, in the sense that he was some super,professional type executive,which clearly he wasn’t.

            The much bigger loss is the amount of political capital invested by FG in the AIF,with Enda in Palm Beach and Leo in DC this year, attending events and pressing the flesh,meeting donors.

            That loss is much bigger, as this scandal looks to be spinning out of AIF’s control, still no law enforcement, outside agencies….

            In the bigger picture, the AIF presented itself as having ‘access’ at the highest levels,the lack off any Ambassador tells you all you need know.

          3. Johnny

            They had revenue in ‘16 in US of 13 million !
            That’s the ahem “impact” not actual dead presidents-post on that coming :)

          4. Johnny

            Thank you just heading grab bite,will try find the actual court docs-not sure if they filed using “AIF” as I could not find them-have them now :)
            Thank you.

          5. johnny

            Lilly-its a Irish govt supported charity that became aware of this massive fraud in March,he resigned just before this hit the papers.During that time who can tell what was done or not done, but it certainly wasn’t made public.Nor so far have any outside authorities like gosh say the police beenbrought in!

            That’s simply awful management,of course it came out, he simply walks way leaving others to clean up his mess ?

            This is only start of the ‘story’,how can the Irish govt continue to support such a secretive,non transparent charity,what were they so afraid off or what were they cleaning,covering up ?

            Thats a ‘plant’ of a story in IT.The Times will have a decent one Sun.It was well know this week that the Times was working this story,IT and AIF preempted it.

            ps-its quite early here for a sat morning,coffee papers:)

          6. johnny

            -still tracking down court documents, tried Karla/Carla but still digging-if I have drive Texas I get them.There is a scheduled hearing Oct 18th,I will endeavor to have any Broadsheet readers interested,fully up speed in advance.Going try LexisNexis and Pacer this morning,was in and on Texas court records last nite.

          7. Lilly

            Good on you! You’re up early, enjoy your coffee :)

            I’m amazed the cops haven’t been called in. The Irish government can’t stop that happening. It’s US citizens who have been keeping the coffers afloat.

          8. johnny

            I left Ireland for a few reasons, there was little or no work in my industry being one, another was that awful D4 clubby, insider,small time nepotistic business culture at the upper echelons of Irish business.

            In NY at a certain level, its hi yeah great ok,Dodgers win it this year, yeah cool-ok what’s this deal, how much you need,done you got it.

            In Dublin,its TEN meetings, where’d you go school, you played SCT you must know,oh wow you played Leinster,hows’ your father, are you related to….
            We are going need think about this and get back to you, how’s ….

            The AIF is the epitome of an out dated, old Ireland,its a bit like the Late Late from London last night,full corpulent,fraudulent fat old men,hangers on and enablers in suits,which is why I dislike it so much……

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