Getting Back To Our Routes


Above from left: Tourism Ireland’s Chief Executive Niall Gibbons, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs and Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison

This morning.

Ryanair press conference involving Tourism ireland and Dublin Airport.

The National Gallery, Dublin 2.

The new routes from Dublin include services to Bordeaux, Bournemouth, Cagliari, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Lourdes, Luxembourg, London Southend and Thessaloniki.

Ryanair also announced five new routes from Cork – Budapest, London Luton, Malta, Naples and Poznan, while a new route from Shannon to Ibiza will also start next summer.


Ryanair launches 15 new Irish routes for summer 2019 (RTÉ)

15 thoughts on “Getting Back To Our Routes

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      They are one of the largest airlines in the world both in terms of people carried and profit.

      Most certainly not shoddy.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Those 130 million passengers Ryanair carried last year must be suckers for punishment then …

      2. Worlds Biggest Ranter

        Eh ….

        Generally very cheap and often the cheapest fare, flies one of the most modern aircraft fleets in Europe, revolutionised flying for the great unwashed both with pricing strategy & customer interaction level, broke up monopolies, serves food and beverages on board at exactly the same price as its opposition, flies to more destinations giving more choice to its customers than any other airline on the island, has an absolutely impeccable safety record and crucially does all this with the constant barrage of idiots knocking it. Yeah, those shoddy scumbags :-)

        And no I dont work for them. I simply took my head out of my carrot excretion hole and did the minimum of thinking instead of trying to talk out of it.

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    Very successful company,modern fleet,huge cash reserves and still the cheapest flight across the Irish sea.
    Is Air Begrudgery still flying ?

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Just had a look at the Lourdes route. Less than €110 return (basic) and book a hotel for about €250 and that’s the Pilgrimage scam scuppered. Lovely part of France, it has to be said, despite the numerous tacky religious paraphenalia shops.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    Of all those new routes I’d say Sardinia looks the one I’d go to given a choice.
    Followed by Thessaloniki and Bordeaux.
    I’d probably give Frankfurt a swerve.

    1. scottser

      i’d say you need a fairly wide turning circle to swerve ollie. how’s world lardass day going for you?

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Extremely well.
        Full English breakfast, 3 course lunch and a spot of dinner with some chums this evening.
        Yourself ? What treat has the boyfriend got in store for you ?

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