‘I Have Apologised On Behalf Of The State To Sgt Maurice McCabe And His Family’


Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan in the Dáil this morning; Sgt Maurice McCabe and his wife Lorraine McCabe

This morning.

In the Dáil.

“Sergeant Maurice McCabe deserves the gratitude of all of us for bringing serious shortcomings to public attention.

He also deserves an apology for what he had to endure, both himself and his family, for over a decade.

Since the report was published, I have spoken with Sgt McCabe.

I have apologised on behalf of the state to him and his family for the manner in which he was treated over a number of years and I am arranging to meet the sergeant in the near future.

I want to re-iterate this apology to him personally.

I also understand the Garda Commissioner [Drew Harris]  has also been in touch with him and I welcome that.”

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan

Watch back here (from 57.30).

Minister apologises to garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe on behalf of State (RTE)

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13 thoughts on “‘I Have Apologised On Behalf Of The State To Sgt Maurice McCabe And His Family’

  1. Eamonn Magrath

    Apologies are easy but ensuring that the perpetrators are punished (sanctioned or better still charged) would make the public a lot happier.

  2. Ian-O

    Yes Charlie, on behalf of the STATE as opposed to the country.

    The State, as is their usual MO, tries to tear anyone down who is believed to be an ‘enemy’ irrespective of what or who they are and what they might be trying to achieve. The state always, always, always views people like Sgt. McCabe as enemies, first and foremost and will attempt to destroy them. Not unique to the Irish state of course.

    One need only look at its history of dealing with ‘troublemakers’ like Bridget McCole and Louise O’Keefe.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    I hope if he sent a letter that it gets to the proper address and not sent to the neighbours “by mistake”.

    Give Maurice McCabe Callinan and Taylor’s pensions as compensation. Let them apply for the basic state pension.

    1. phil

      If they were brave enough, they could sanction Taylor as he is still employed, demote him to Sargent, and then accept his resignation , he would still be paid his pension, but based on his last salary ….

      Not sure what they can do about his boss, but a civil case there might be useful

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I could be completely mis remembering a convo with a guard near retirement age, but it’s an average of 3 consecutive years in the last 10. I’m not sure if that’s for the lump sum or the pension, but I don’t believe demoting him would have a lasting effect on his retirement.

    2. Ian-O

      An argument that is always trotted out in relation to disgraced PS pension holders is that they ‘earned it’ – however, as the state pays a large proportion of this and they contravened the terms of their employment, surely the portion paid should be removed, retroactively, and they can just have the part they contributed to? Will never happen though, geese and Christmas and all that (I hate turkey, goose is much nicer and actually has flavour, Ho Ho Ho, just thought I’d get a Christmas reference in there.)

        1. Ian-O

          McCabe will never see a penny of it is my opinion. Callinan will find some loophole and will be assisted by the state, the same state that Flanagan just apologised on behalf of, to ensure no precedent is set. Mark my words – past actions are a good indicator of future actions.

          The state and its arms must be protected at any cost.

  4. Otis Blue

    Have the McCabe’s issued any legal proceedings in these matters?

    They’d be well within their rights to do so.

    1. The Old Boy

      According to the High Court filings search, Sgt. McCabe has issued two sets of proceedings against the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána, the Attorney General and Ireland, once in 2011 and once* in 2017 and a case against the HSE and Tusla issued in 2017.

      A setting down for trial was issued in the 2011 proceedings against AGS in February of this year.

      *Two sets of proceedings were issued against AGS in 2017 but one was struck out for a procedural reason.

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