There Goes The Neighbourhood


This afternoon.

More to follow.

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15 thoughts on “There Goes The Neighbourhood

  1. Rep

    What is his plan? Just stand outside the fence surrounded by photographers?

    Is this all just a desperate attempt to get enough votes to claim back his expenses?

    1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

      You got in ahead of me. The surreality of it all. Some bloke nobody knows runs for president and stands outside a traveller housing scheme surrounded by cameras. There’s no reasoning or logic. Its like a script for an episode of Father Ted that was thrown away!

    2. Cian

      he’ll never[1] get enough votes to claim back his expenses.

      [1] yeah, I thought the same about Trump. But seriously – would he get 25% of the vote?

  2. Nigel

    He should chip a few golf balls in. ‘The only stable I need is in my stance. What? No, stance, I said. Why would i need a stable in my pants?’
    Michael D refuses to have opinion on equine nudity.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      When it suits him. He lied about being a landlord last night when as recently as 2015 he had a substantial portfolio.

  3. Dub Spot

    They’ll be back in action today with the non-conviction of a Roma supporter in an alleged assault on a Liverpool FC fan. There won’t be w word-in edgeways with Dublin taxi drivers on certain ranks.

  4. Tom

    This is actually horrible and I even agree that the housing situation here is a bit suspect. His actions are highly divisive and part of a cheap dig at travellers. The exact opposite of what a president should be.

  5. anne

    They’d all live next to travellers according to the sh*te they were coming out with last night on Pat Kenny.

    You’d be cringing watching for them if they had any shame.

    It’s like being in an interview & you know you aren’t getting the job, so you start talking about the weather till they let you on your way.. except no one seems to have told these gobsh*tes they aint getting the job. They could do a striptease on national television & it’s still not gonna happen.

    The travellers are already near himself, down the road on the M1 according to Duffy. .. Shur they’re near evetyone at that rate . They’re around the corner from me in work.. when they’re done with the caravans they’re known to fupp them out on the road for someone to collect. Recycling traveller style.

    Peter Casey will be getting dentures earlier than planned if he keeps it up.

    He’s right of course..but would you be bothered? Clearly he doesn’t mind not having teeth..

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