17 thoughts on “Pish Posh

  1. Eoin

    what happened to the September issue (there was issue 65, June 2018, issue 66 July-August 2018 with issue 67, above, being for October-November) & is Village now back to 6 issues a year?

    1. Joan.

      I’m confused too. I like Village, but it’s got to get it’s poo poo together when it comes to bringing out issues.

    2. Emma Gilleece

      it took a break in September after the August break for Summer but it will have it’s usual 10 issues this year.

    1. Lilly

      Although he got his Arundhati Roy titles confused. It’s The God of Small Things and The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, not The Ministry of Small Things.

    2. johnny

      -very good he’s a great writer thanks,worth the price for always excellent Frank Connolly on NAMA.

  2. Ben Redmond

    Village is a serious political magazine. Does it say enough about music, sport and the rest of life’s simple pleasures to grab and keep the attention of a wider readership than heavy politicoes?

      1. Ben Redmond

        Any good answers? Political magazines can be repetitive, preachy and tedious. For a periodical to grab a wide readership it needs to engage minds, but it needs to entertain and be well written. It also needs to attract enough advertising to make a profit and pay quality writers to contribute pieces. A thoughtful magazine needs to engage seriously with its readers. I can’t think of any Irish political magazine currently trying to meet any of the mentioned criteria and business objectives.

  3. Dub Spot

    Who can forget this classic:

    Confessions of a Broadsheet addict
    Hymn to the online publisher.


    “But Broadsheet only posts counter-liberal perspectives in a way that invites attack. Despite its name, suggestive of an open platform, where anything goes, Broadsheet and its commentariat are – dare I say it – profoundly Catholic in tone, devoutly intolerant of any counterweight to the individualistic, hipster agenda. Its commenters and posters drown in a pool of contradictions, one minute decrying “Je suis Charlie”, the next putting the boot into “Ich bin Hitler” merchants. And what’s going on with over 20 posts about the Fuehrer?”

  4. Vanessa off the Telly

    That is some load of aeriated flaptrap
    And t’ think there was nothing but whinging and complaining about the FK style of writing

    Cheezus wept

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