I Watched C-Beams Glitter In The Dark Near The Tannhäuser Gate


Miggeldy’s latest promo video.

He fixed the road saved the world.


Previously: ‘I’m Not Entitled To Have An Opinion As President’



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62 thoughts on “I Watched C-Beams Glitter In The Dark Near The Tannhäuser Gate

  1. johnny

    5 days/nights in the presidential suite in New York-to open a Irish state funded art center footsteps from broadway !
    No one knows which hotel he stayed in, how much it cost, how many were in his retine- but YOU guys paid the bills……

    “On the morning of April 26, supporters of The Ireland Funds gathered in New York’s iconic Rainbow Room for a keynote address with the 11th President of Ireland, President Michael D. Higgins. President Higgins was visiting New York on a five-day trip and addressed the group as part of The Ireland Funds Women’s Leadership Series.”


    The scandals involving the Ireland Funds continue to unravel-has Mickey D distanced himself from it?

    1. Rob_G

      How do know he stayed in the ‘presidential suite’ if you don’t know which hotel it was (or indeed, how much it cost)?

      Are you certain that the Irish taxpayer is footing the bill – normally, the organisation running an event will cover the expenses of the invited speakers. Anyhow, according to this group’s website, they have so far raised over $600m for Irish causes, so one could put down any cost as a canny investment on behalf of the Irish taxpayer.

      Liadh must not be doing too well in the polls if this the angle you must resort to, Johnny.

      1. johnny

        Do try keep up Rob,its challenging and boring engaging with someone so out touch……

        “An American Ireland Fund director accused of embezzling up to $1 million from the philanthropic organisation had a conviction for a similar offence when she was hired, The Times can reveal.

        Karla Stover was on probation for stealing money from a hospital where she had previously worked when she was made head of fundraising in Texas.

        “The case has raised fresh concerns about the governance of the organisation under Kieran McLoughlin, the former chief executive and worldwide president of the fund. Mr McLoughlin has remained with the American Ireland Fund in an advisory role since announcing his resignation in September. Supporters and people in the Ireland Funds network are understood to be worried that the handling of the alleged embezzlement will damage the reputation..”


        1. Rob_G

          So – again, nothing to suggest that the Irish taxpayer paid for any of this.

          From your own link: the president spoke at the event that took place before the embezzlement allegations came to light; you can hardly expect the man to be clairvoyant.

          1. Rob_G

            So – yes, you do expect him to see into the future…

            Has Ní Riada declared that she won’t attend any of Sinn Féin’s famous fundraisers in New York herself? Or it just Miggeldy’s dining habits that you take issue with?

          2. johnny

            I take issue with Mickey D or any president of Ireland having private meetings in New York,with interfering businessmen that pour dollars illegally into Ireland,to influence the democratic process-yeah I do Rob-so should you!

      2. Cian

        Anywhere that MHD stays is, by definition, the ‘presidential’ suite…

        …like any (fixed-wing) airplane that Trump flies in is ‘Air Force One’

  2. johnny

    -maybe he stayed here-who knows, its an official secret where he and his entourage stay in New York,his wife was with him,any other family members travel too, all at your expense !

    “In the same luxury stratosphere, the Plaza offers the 4,500-square-foot, three-bedroom Royal Suite for approximately $40,000 a night. It has 24-carat gold fixtures in the bathroom and offers a fully equipped fitness room and chef’s kitchen. The Mandarin Oriental books its two-bedroom, 3,300-square-foot Suite 5000, with a contemporary art collection curated by Whitewall magazine, for $36,000 a night. Interested guests must call to book, as it doesn’t appear on the website.
    While general hotel amenities at the Mark include round-the-clock room service by Jean-Georges, John Lobb shoeshines, a 70-foot sailboat available to charter, complimentary bicycles, and pedicabs for hire, Olivier offers something a little more personal for penthouse guests. “We have heads of state, very wealthy business people, and celebrities renting this space, and they could care less about a Bentley at their disposal 24/7, as they often have their security in tow, or their own motorcade,” he explains.”


    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Any advertorials on the hotels where you think Mary R or Mary Mc might have stayed and how much their husbands and families who travelled cost us too?

        1. Rob_G

          Amazing that the illuminati would be so sloppy as to publish the details of this top-secret meeting on the President’s own website…

          1. johnny

            strange he’d take a private meeting with no advisors in New York with Soros-what would they have to discuss in private ?

          2. johnny

            -well it was just before he bankrolled a pro-choice Irish group,interfering in Irelands democratic process, yeah your probably right,nothing see here……..

          3. Rob_G

            George Soros foreign money == bad
            Sinn Féin foreign money == good

            – have I got that right, johnny?

          4. ReproButina

            You think the 8th was repealed because of Soros? You think the 2/3rds of the electorate that voted to repeal did so because of Soros?

            Whatever helps you sleep at night.


          5. johnny

            do you see any meetings with SF or its fundraisers in the presidential calendar ?
            Soros admitted sorry was caught interfering in Irelands democratic process by funding these,that we know off-

            -Abortion Rights Campaign- My Body My Rights

            A private meeting with an extremely interfering and controversial businessman, that was caught illegally pouring money into Irish elections, but yeah the 300 dollar a plate tame, boring SF fundraiser is the issue…….

          6. pedeyw

            “-well it was just before he bankrolled a pro-choice Irish group,interfering in Irelands democratic process, yeah your probably right,nothing see here……..”
            €24,999 is hardly bankrolling and they handed it back anyway.

          7. johnny

            Mickey D takes private meetings in New York with Soros and his group, no advisors, no minutes taken but just after they poured 400,000 into Ireland !
            Only private meeting on the trip-WHY?

            “Through his Open Society Foundations, the Hungarian-born Soros has already provided three pro-abortion groups in Ireland, including Amnesty International’s Irish branch, with a combined total of around $400,000 (£295,000). The other two groups are the Irish Family Planning Association and the Abortion Rights Campaign.”


        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Angry shinner is angry that his preferred candidate won’t get enough votes to qualify for a refund on the €200k spent on posters and the Michelle-Lou battlebus.

          1. johnny

            not at all, if you guys want your president taking private meetings with Soros,just before he kicks 400,000 into contaminating the democratic process,go for it, only confirms why I left:)

          2. Vanessa off the Telly

            now now Daisy

            while I reckon Liadh is going to end up runner up to MDH
            and in the late 20s at least
            they’re the ones that have to worry about posters
            and driving the bus
            so let them at it

          3. Johnny

            Probably just a coincidence,his private meetings with Soros,unlikely Mickey D would know about Amnesty…
            Oh hold on:)
            “Opening address by President Michael D Higgins on the occasion of Amnesty International’s International Council Meeting, Dublin”

          4. Vanessa off the Telly

            Hi Johnny
            Anyone else
            besides me now
            asking where Labour got that 70k to put into MDH’s re-elect

            (Rather than the locals next year where it would be better spent)

          5. ReproButina

            What a waste of money Vanessa! I can’t imagine they thought he’d need it. Unless of course it’s an investment in reminding people they exist.

  3. ReproButina

    Who wants a cut price president travelling the world by Ryanair, staying in Air BnB and wearing hand me downs?

    It shows how successful MDH has been in the role that those trying to bring him down have nothing but cost to throw at him.

    Just a few more days of this nonsense and we can get back to forgetting about Seanie and the Dragons.

  4. Cian

    Liadh Ní Riada MEP :
    “I have written to Michael D Higgins about his use of public money.”

    MEPs don’t (and won’t) declare their expenses:
    “We were discussing the monthly €4,416 “general expenditure allowance” paid to all MEPs to fund their constituency offices, paid in many cases directly to their personal accounts […] for which no accounting or receipts are required.”

    That’s over a quarter of a million per term.


    and then there is an unvouched €313 per day (to cover food and hotels) when working.

    Pot… Kettle… something something

    1. Johnny

      About half Cian of the funding that Soros poured into corrupting democracy in Ireland,after his private meetings with your President in New York-why would he meet him at all and why in NY in private?
      Wtf beside a deep pocket and a history of interfering in the democratic process does Soros have/why did Mickey D meet him in private in NY-just before he funded organizations close to Mickey D?
      Do they have some history,was it the first meeting….
      Doubt it’s the last after coincidentally he invested 400,000 into an election outcome….

    2. Alan mc gee

      Ni Riadas €1100 a week seems frugal compared to Michael D Higgins €6100 a week in unvouched expenses.

        1. Alan mc gee

          well you could say it was five times worse which is at least four times worse than being twice as as bad.

          1. Cian

            MEPs also get €313 per night for attending parliament. For hotel and food.

            Flights are expensed and paid too. But you need receipts.

          2. johnny

            Ciao-with Soros at that private meeting in New York was Chris Stone from Open Society Foundation.
            The OPS has been exercising power and its wealth over public policy,do you want your president holding private meetings with Soros and OPS ?

            This is who your president takes private meetings with !

            “Just before all of this took place, Soros incorporated a new company in Ireland called Quantum Endowment Ireland. His Quantum Endowment transferred delayed fees and certain other assets to the new company.

            Quantum Endowment Ireland is subject to a 25% corporate tax, in theory; however, its status as an Irish Section 110 company allows it to issue profit participation note and pay out earnings as distributions to note holders. In other words, it hasn’t had to pay much.

            Bloomberg reports that from October 2008 through the end of 2013, Quantum Ireland paid taxes of $962 on $3,851 of net income. It allocated $7.2 billion of operating income to investors as distributions on profit participation notes, most of which were held by Soros’ tax-exempt Open Society foundations. In 2014, Soros shut down Quantum Ireland and moved deferred fees to a new entity in the Cayman Islands.”


  5. I am a mole

    Am I the only person who hasn’t heard the rumour that Michael is in fact gay and having a relationship with Kevin McCarthy.The interest in his finances is just a way to force him out of the closet as some expenses were for foreign travel that both men benefited from.Just saying.

    1. ReproButina

      This isn’t the 1950’s so who cares about his sexuality? It’s his damn business and we have an openly gay Taoiseach. The other candidates really are pathetic if “Miggeldy’s gay”, “his dogs are a foreign breed” and “the president is expensive” is the best they can do.

  6. Mike Baldwin

    What is it with people not understanding an expense process or per diem allowances? The President of Equador is coming round, I’ll pop out to Tesco and see if there’s any Tesco Finest meals on offer that I’ll buy out of my salary cos some Sinn Féin chav thinks I’m a willy for using expenses. Let’s all break out a bag of BLTs from the Shell station. Here, Monsieur Macron, a bottle of Cadet red lemonade for the Uber back to the airport?

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