12 thoughts on “‘Sup?

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Well spotted Hansel .
      Bird watching and Terry Prone in the same sentence. What the flock!

      I know I just made it up.
      Sorry just flew over the vultures nest.
      Ya know what they (who!) they say
      Birds of a feather lie together

  1. Jonjo

    What’s the point of a tiny block over people’s eyes? I recognise someone in one of the pics. The block does nothing :-D

  2. shortforBob


    Seagulls are a scourge on Dublin, they’ll nick the sandwich out of your hand if your not careful.

    Subset know full well they can ignore planning permission and it will take months for even something as ugly as this piece to be removed. The sooner they get slapped with big fines the better.

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