“Extremely Pleased”


Sgt Maurice McCabe and his wife Lorraine; Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

Yesterday evening.

The newly appointed Garda Commissioner Drew Harris called to the home of Sgt Maurice McCabe in Co Cavan.

Mr Harris spoke with Sgt McCabe and his wife Lorraine, who have five children, for around an hour and a half – during which time they spoke about the Disclosures Tribunal and other matters.

Mr Harris, who was on his own with the couple during the visit, apologised to Sgt McCabe and Lorraine on behalf of An Garda Síochána and thanked him for highlighting issues within the gardai.

Sgt McCabe and Lorraine were “extremely pleased” with the meeting.

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13 thoughts on ““Extremely Pleased”

  1. Brother Barnabas

    was it mccabe or harris who disclosed the detail of the meeting to the media, do you know, bodger?

  2. Ron

    Whilst I am less then happy that no one will face any consequences for their disgusting, vile, evil acts against Mc Cabe I am happy that he can start to now put his life back together again.

    I am confident and hopeful that through his various legal actions against the state he will be awarded a record sum of money. At least he can use the millions he will receive to try and build a happier retirement for himself and his family.

    The Irish electorate owe this man and his family an apology for continuously electing and giving authority to the political filth in this country who conspired against him in the most evil and vile ways imaginable.. #ifitwasntforthetape

    Thank you for your service Maurice Mc Cabe

    1. rotide

      Out of interest, do you consider anyone who runs for and/or holds public office to be FILTH? Is it only the politicians that you don’t agree with are FILTH? Like, is head of the student union FILTH? Are senators FILTH?

  3. Jonjo

    What’s the story with McCabe. Has he been out of work? Did he leave the Guards when this all started? Is he still technically a Guard?

    Not that he would want to go back, just curious.

  4. Roscoe Conkling

    Impressed with Drew Harris so far.
    Wise move to bring in an outsider to drain the swamp.
    But he needs to start targeting white collar crime and political corruption as well as tackling the donut-eaters.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    I suppose it’s worth remembering the high standards Maurice had as serving Garda. Here’s hoping there are thousands of Garda with similar ethics.

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