Peter Casey and Helen Casey at RTÉ Television studios on Tuesday

Readers of Iconic Newspapers websites, which include the Limerick Leader, have voted overwhelmingly in favour of Peter Casey in a Presidential Election Poll that has been running over the past few days.

Websites in the group include:;;;;;;;;;;; and

Almost 10,500 votes were cast in the Presidential Election poll that ran on all 13 websites, including the Leader, in the Iconic Newspaper group, with Peter Casey winning the overall poll with 51.2% of the votes cast.

LEADER POLL: Landslide win for Peter Casey following Iconic Newspapers poll (Limerick Leader)

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A poll this afternoon on


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Current odds at Paddy Power.

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135 thoughts on “Leader?

    1. baz

      There has been no ‘official ‘ poll that represents the people’s view since Casey’s truthful statements about travellers. How convenient (convenient when I consider almost everyone I meet and chat with are voting Casey 1 that includes people that were going to vote for Higgins.

      The establishment is quaking by the returns of their secret polling, the cosy Irish media set out to destroy Casey but their half hack attempts to do the man down back fired

      A ‘recognised ‘ poll would add to Caseys momentum so therefore will not be released

      RTE and MSIM want the public to think Higgins is on 70%
      Sean oRourke was peddling that number even this morning!

      Casey for President
      Casey # 1

        1. Jeffrey

          That’s it fellas, lets ignore the majority of voters (those idiots), it’s worked well for Trump and Brexit.

          1. realPolithicks

            No votes have actually been cast yet jeffy, but don’t let the truth get in the way of your rant.

      1. DeKloot

        Crikey. Lemmie guess…. you’re the kinda guy that shoots from the hip and sez it like it is…. And you hate the ‘tinkers’…. amirite?

        1. baz

          Interesting that your choice of language includes ‘hate’

          It’s not in my lexicon

          Casey for President

          1. DeKloot

            Well what on earth could make you want to vote for that incoherent, bumbling hate-filled gombeenman….

  1. rotide

    The frightening thing is that this is possible. They love him over on the Journal and facebook shows a fair bit of support as well.

    All made possible by useful idiots gobbling up the ‘snout in the trough’, ‘gravy train’ invented narrative.

    1. Ronan

      I overhead a conversation when I arrived at work today, all very favourable of Casey.

      “My mother says she’s going to vote for Casey because he’s saying what we’re all thinking but afraid to say”
      “I probably won’t vote for him but he’s definitely not afraid to square up to PC-brigade”
      “He won’t get in now but everyone down my way is saying he’ll definitely get in in 7 years if he runs when there’s no incumbent”

      If he had come out with his one-liners a week previously we might be having a serious conversation about this chancer becoming president.

      As it is, I’m wondering if he might force a couple of extra rounds in the count at least. He might get 200K back!

      1. ReproButina

        “saying what we’re all thinking but afraid to say” because our bigoted hatred is socially unacceptable.

    2. Giggidygoo

      We sent Dustin to the Eurovision. Big kick in the teeth for RTE.
      Maybe RTE will get another kicking on this.

  2. ReproButina

    Hilarious! Pays no tax in Ireland and thinks MDH was president when the British Queen was here but he blew the “travellers, eh?” dog whistle and the idiots came a running.

  3. Joan

    There’s a good quarter of the country who are anti-traveller / anti-welfare/ pro-Trump/ anti-feminist / anti-immigrant etc. but whether they leave their golf clubs/ brothels to vote is another matter. Casey has successfully tapped into the Fine Gael vote in a way that Gavin Duffy has failed to do.

    1. Rep

      Interesting that the FG vote = anti-traveller / anti-welfare/ pro-Trump/ anti-feminist / anti-immigrant.

      Is there anything that FG doesn’t get blamed for here?

          1. Rob_G

            Indeed – of course, at FG HQ, we actually have a flunky to disinfect the toilet seat with Chanel No.5 between each movement.

          2. Rob_G

            Scabs like y o u w o u l d n o t b e l i e v e Boj – you wouldn’t ever ask your wife to trim her fingernails a bit, would you?

          1. Ronan

            And they sold all the toilet paper to their banker and vulture fund buddies who are now charging us 3 times the cost through a dobby company and not paying a penny of tax on it!

        1. rotide

          You know when you’ve a fierce hangover and you go to the shop and they’ve no cans of coke left?

          FG bought them all

      1. ReproButina

        Those who like him for “telling it like it is” are such big fans of straight talking until they are told they are useful idiots or racists.

        1. Dr_Chimp

          I’m a fan of straight talking no matter what the situation. The only problem is that those screaming “racist” and “biggot” usually don’t know what either term actually means or they have an incredibly low standard for both which makes their claim worthless

          1. ReproButina

            Enlighten us then Doc, what would you call Peter Casey’s comments on the travelling community?

          2. ReproButina

            Except they weren’t true were they? When Peter Casey said that travellers were “basically people camping on someone else’s land” he was tarring an entire community with his big bigoted brush. No doubt there are people that agreed with him and we call those people bigots.

            He also made remarks about them not paying their fair share of taxes while not paying any taxes to the state he wants to represent but that speaks more to his sense of entitlement than his bigotry.

          3. Dr_Chimp

            I’d call them true but not very presidential. Certainly not racist/biggot. If you can point out how his views are racist I’m more than willing to change my opinion

        1. Brother Barnabas

          rotide just stood up, did a brief moonwalk, a quick twirl, punched the air and sat down again

      2. Dr_Chimp

        He is “telling it like it is”. The topics on which he is expressing an opinion are largely irrelevant for the office and as you say, straight talking is also not a requirement. However, many people don’t like how he’s being vilified for expressing perfectly valid opinions. The vote no longer has anything to do with the presidency.

    1. Rob_G

      All that tells us is that a 900 users of a website that tends to be quite anti-traveller, and is a bit more right-wing than the general population, prefer Casey to Higgins.

      1. rotide

        I’m not sure boards is more right wing than the gen pop, I’d say its fairly representative no?

        Gone be the days when it was a glorious haven of like minded geeks though.

        1. Rob_G

          No, definitely a bit more small-government than the Irish population generally, if the Margaret Cash thread(s) are anything to go by.

        2. small ads

          The After Hours threads on Boards are certainly more right-wing and less intelligent than is the norm in Ireland.

    2. baz

      MSIM are now killing coverage of the presidential race

      RTE sneering at anyone with the audacity to stand against the truly deceptive Higgins

      The polls MSIM are so fond of were ditched because the data showing Casey winning was so disturbing to their febrile minds

      Get out and vote

      School Varadkar for his mouthy comments

      Casey 1

      Time for an honest speaker to shake it up.

      1. rotide

        “MSIM are now killing coverage of the presidential race”

        It’s called a moratorium and it happens before every election and referendum. Useful idiot #2

        1. baz

          try again, the shutdown started Monday

          Reference: RTE President race item 9

          Also, where are all the ‘official’ polls? None with data since Casey’s truthful comments

          Casey for President

          1. ollie

            Casey’s main point about Travellers is that they should not be classified any different to the rest of Irish people, he is correct

          2. Boj

            Prepare to be called names ollie.
            The bubble doesn’t like it. The bubble will retaliate. You must agree with the bubble.

          3. Jeffrey

            Of course it was Ollie but #Idiot 1 like Rotide like to turns things to suit them and shout “racist” at every opportunity, its saves a lot of messing with serious conversations, etc…

          4. rotide

            I haven’t called anyone racist or bigots.

            I’ve called them Idiots. Which they continue to prove to be.

        2. :-J

          I’ve often found it easy to disagree with Rotide with some of his fast and loose remarks but in this case he’s showing a sheer amount of restraint and is not going far enough..

          You lot, especially Baz, who are promoting Casey are not just idiots, you are the deluded, ignorant, majority that gets manipulated by the very same system you think you are fighting against.

          The 1st class eejits who will accelerate the wave of right wing extremism coerced, engineered and encouraged to spread across the world by global corporate private finance interests.

          Vote for whoever you like but stop promoting racism, bigotry and ignorance as being something to aspire to.


  4. Brother Barnabas

    casey’s odds via paddy power have gone from 500/1 when he first got on the ballot to 200/1 six days ago, 20/1 yesterday and 10/1 today. MDH is 1/25.

    (just so you all know, i have €5 on him at 500/1… not that i want him to win, but it would make it less awful)

    1. Rob_G

      This is likely due to a combination of (i) a slight bump in the polls (which he did get, no doubt); and (ii) if even a small number of people started putting bets on Casey in view of his being in the news recently, PP would be looking to reduce their exposure in the event that he did win.

      They still reckon that MDH is about 250 times more likely to win than Casey, to put it in its proper context.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          I don’t approve of betting. I do, however, heartily approve of spending cash unwisely.
          So, y’see, I’m torn.

    2. qwerty123

      You should lay him off immediately in the exchanges, if he is at 10/1 you could lay him at 12’s and make a cool 200 quid. If he does win you make nothing.

    3. martco

      (not that it matters a lot at those potential returns) but did u do a spread across all the candidates BB?

  5. Elm wood

    The truly amazing thing about that poll is Gallagher , if he’s not registering with rural voters he’s finished , although to be honest he has been awful and even vindictive in this campaign , don’t normally thank Sinn Féin , but the country dodged a bullet with him 7 years ago

    1. baz

      Wasn’t Sinn Fein that stopped SG it was a twitter account ran by an independent interested in politics

      1. Rob_G

        It was the tweet that caused RTÉ the libel case, but from my recollection of the night, it was Martin McGuinness uttering the word ‘envelope’ that was the real show-stopper; I’d say that that had more of an effect on voters than a tweet being read out.

    2. dhaughton99

      What’s amazing to me is how low the SF vote is. The posters are plastered everywhere around Dublin. Not to mention the battle bus etc.

      1. Johnny

        Higher than FG and FF combined,who between them could not find a clean candidate.Instead their x leader attends book launches by journalists,further confirming a sinister,insidious relationship.For a devoted and life long socialist,Mickey D has embraced the Americanization of Irish politics by cozying up to everything,he supposedly wasted his life and career fighting.
        Liadh has run a terrific campaign and will surprise many people.

        1. martco

          yeah I’d agree..not a bad candidate atall I thought handled things reasonably well

          (let’s face facts now, they’d all say mass to land such a luxuriant job, who wouldn’t eh? like winning the lotto innit)

          regarding her I do remember going back to the period when she was rumoured to be the SF candidate, little reported at time, going onto Marian & being fairly snidely hammered on the usual tired rote shite but putting herself very well into her box, waay too strong for her. Always good to hear Marian getting clipped by a stronger interviewee.

          anyways I’m guessing she might have a good shout of finishing 3rd.

          1. Rob_G

            I think this is a interesting case of people’s consumption of media confirming their own biases: when I listened to the Marian interview, I heard her unable to answer some fairly simple questions on SF’s policy of organising parallel commemorations to those of the state.

            And the talk about her being nominated seemed to go very, very quiet afterwards, compared to the preceding weeks…

        2. Rob_G

          So again:

          Michael D meeting with a U.S. philanthropic organisation who invested loads of money in Irish projects == bad;
          SF orgainising fundraisers in America for their own coffers == good.

          1. johnny

            So again:
            5 hour time difference making it quite early here, coffee,NYT,WSJ,WaPo ==good start to day.
            Arguing with Rob over nonsense ==bad start.

            Rob-Liadh is a great candidate and I wish her all the best today, the SF ‘do’ which has a very ‘country’ feel,for New York is in Nov-I comp you a ticket ok:)

            If Soros/the duty free guy who also never paid a cent in tax-Atlantic ABC-wants help society then instead trying cleanse that money with good works, pay tax.Speaking of which when’s FG’s favorite convicted criminal,Lowry back in court ?

          2. Rob_G

            I actually agree with you on Soros money thing, johnny- I don’t think that it’s appropriate for money from outside Ireland being spent to influence democratic votes. But then position seems a bit consistent, given that you oppose one such instance, but actively support a different instance of this happening.

  6. Ger Mc

    I don’t get it . He sounds stupid. I left school at sixteen but I can always spot a stupid person . If ireland voted him in you may as well get rid of the president.

  7. curmudgeon

    Broadsheet not even hiding their bias this time round. Democracy is great unless we don’t like the outcome eh lads? The thing we should be voting on is the maximum permissable budget of discretionary spending in the áras. Solve most of the issues right there, including who wants the job in the first place.

    1. pedeyw

      Whatever gave you the idea that Broadsheet wasn’t biased? It is and always has been left leaning. That said, I’m not sure how reporting on a couple of surprising polls is particularly biased.

      1. curmudgeon

        The biased bit was wher they wrote “Gulp” at the end. You wouldn’t know that now because they edited it out; which is par for the course whenever I call them out on this kind of thing.


        FWIW I’m left wing, which means I’m for wealth redistribution, not champagne socialism.

          1. curmudgeon

            I’m not voting for Casey. I don’t “support” him either. Try to remember your’e not on 4chan ok?

        1. Giggidygoo

          Says a lot about you though doesn’t it? How many more expired screenshots have you filed away to try support your posts? Sad

          1. Troll Farmer

            Commentator proves his point with evidence.

            Giggidygoo throws a hissy fit.

            Next up: “Evidence is WAYCISS”

  8. Shane Duffy

    Wouldn’t it be appalling if someone was democratically elected because he or she spoke for the masses and not the Right On, PC brigade?

  9. Jonickal

    Holding a condescending attitude towards people voting for Casey is probably only going to make them more determined to go out and vote for him.

  10. Verbatim

    I would be surprised if Casey sets up an extreme right-wing party after this election, given of course, that he doesn’t win.

  11. Martco

    there are 8 voters in my house tonight for the dinner (a big oul Shepard’s pie in case ye get any fancy notions)
    7 if the 8 will vote
    1 Higgins
    1 Freeman
    1 undecided
    4 Casey

          1. martco

            jasus no for a Shepard’s that would be massive overkill
            minced lamb in the pack grand
            burgers a different matter altogether tho

  12. SOQ

    Wee Mickey’s retirement jaunts to far flung socialist places that most of us have never heard while people are dying on the streets of our cities?. Go fluck yourself !

    What happens if Casey wins despite his wish not to do so? Very Trump.

    1. martco

      easy. what happens is he lolls around in the merc, the lear & doing some sweet sweet garden parties with the 0.5% just like ALL the other candidates would if only they could

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      If Casey wins, he’ll have to be resident in Ireland and pay tax here. He’ll spend the next 7 years jaunting around on the lear jet, staying in 5 star hotels, and spending €300k on dry cleaning and make up.

  13. Alan McGee

    I feel the real reason Casey is winning these polls is because he comes across as a normal person. A normal person who, albeit has done extraordinarily well for himself.
    The rest are phoneys.
    None worse than loveable poet Micheal d Higgins a pompous, aggrandising, self entitled profiteer.
    Pretty simple ballot selection.

  14. Dub Spot

    In all fairness, Facebook, The,, and the Limerick Leader and confederates are not actually hotbeds of intellectual, rational decisions, or MENSA candidates. Look elsewhere.

    Casey will undoubtedly come in second, and do very well from Dun Laoghaire and Meath FG brigade and over 65s. Or as we call them, “racist, spoiled, right-wing, Trump/May sneaking regarders and ministers of the eucharist”.

    The #hometovote crowd will regret sitting this one out.

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