Staying In Tonight?



On RTÉ One’s Prime Time, at 9.35pm.


Frank Shouldice, of RTÉ Investigates, reports:

Your Service Your Say is a bedrock of HSE public policy. It invites, even encourages, those who use any of its many health services to step forward with a comment or complaint when the occasion arises.

This means everybody – from hospital patients to their families and friends.

In promoting a Your Service Your Say policy the National Healthcare Charter boldly declares: “Your feedback matters – tell us about your experience so that we can have your concerns addressed.”

It promises to “involve you and your family and carers in decision-making about your healthcare.”

This is not the experience of the five people who feature in RTÉ Investigates – Troublemakers, which airs on Prime Time tonight.

Daring to challenge HSE’s comment, complaint service (Frank Shouldice, RTE)

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  1. Jeffrey

    Yop-ti-dildle-doo ! another week, another scandal of underhand, dirty tactics from a Public body funded by US! I love this country. Disgusting behavior all together here but no doubt a “commission of inquiry” or some bulls*it will be setup to come to a “nothing to see here” conclusion.

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