Meanwhile, In Julianstown


Tally ho.

This morning.

Julianstown National School, Julianstown, County Meath.

Presidential Candidate Gavin Duffy with his wife Orlaith Carmody voting in the Irish Presidential Election.

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20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Julianstown

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    i’ve never cared less about an election. I will not vote, out of apathy. Like if I happen to be passing by, which i won’t be, I’d maybe go in and vote on blasphemy. Or at least shout it from outside as an instruction. and if they can figure out how to cast my vote for me, grand. If not, whatevs. keep strollin.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Always vote.. if only to spoil. Don’t let the behaviour or others dictate your choices in life.

    2. ReproButina

      If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain about the outcome.

      Feel free to let others make decisions on the country for you though.

  2. small ads

    The “Irish” Presidential Election? Is there some foreign presidential election going on as well?

    1. millie st murderlark

      No but we’re voting to elect a new President of Ireland. As in that’s the role and that’s the title they hold.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Well….yes. Ethiopia has just sworn in their new President, Brazil is currently electing one, The Democratic Republic of the Congo face one in December so campaigns have kicked off; likewise for Nigeria in February. Maybe those ads are too big for small ads.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      What if the new Prez were to put an end to the funding of your post-doctorate in emissions programme?

    2. Dr.Fart MD

      you lot are the worst bunch of oxegen thieves on the internet. That even includes Journal commenters. All I said was I don’t care about this election, and you’re out in droves to ridicule and berate me. Everyone who comments here is a huge loser, except one or two. That hippo avatar guy seems sound. Maybe one or two others. The rest are pure pond life.

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