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This afternoon.

Screggan, Tullamore, County Offaly

Presidential Candidate Gavin Duffy campaigning with his wife Orlaith Carmody (pic 2) on the first day National Ploughing Championships 2018.

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Mid-Morning Presidential Matters

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He Enjoys Hunting, Small, Cuddly Creatures

He’s in.

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Fox-bothering Presidential hopeful Gavin Duffy in what appears to be a promotional video for the Freemasons from the 1990s.

John Finuncane writes:

I wonder is Gavin still a Freemason?

As he is perfectly entitled to be.


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Tulllamore, County Offaly

Terrifying Presidential hopeful Gavin Duffy and his wife Orlaith Carmody Duffy campaigning for the Presidency at the Tullamore Show.

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Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland


Drogheda, County Louth

Ah here.

Many people believe it’s in bad taste’ – Presidential hopeful Gavin Duffy receives backlash over Fleadh posters (Independent.ie)


This afternoon.

RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Fox-bothering Presidential hopeful and coy Denis O’Brien media coach Gavin Duffy with his wife and former journalist Orlaith Carmody chats to reporters on the first day of the Dublin Horse Show 2018.

‘I fear no question. I welcome them all’ – Gavin Duffy on presidential election (Irish Independent)

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Sam Boal/RollingNews

Kills foxes too.

Tally oh.

Duffy says he would be a different president to Trump (RTÉ)

Gavin Duffy defends hunting role as he seeks presidential nomination (Irish Times)

Pics” Rollingnews.Newsfile

From top: Barrister Noel Whelan who most recently acted as legal counsel for An Garda Síochána at the Disclosures Tribunal; Gavin Duffy


“It is a wonderful office, I think in many ways it’s the most interesting office in our political system not least because the president has the capacity to elevate some issues, shine a spotlight on causes and groups which don’t necessarily get the appropriate attention. I think it has at times subtle, legal and political dimensions that are taken for granted.”

Barrister and political commentator Noel Whelan

Whelan may still make run for the Áras (Hugh O’Connell, Sunday Business Post)

Sources familiar with Duffy’s plans claim up to 15 councils are willing to nominate candidates. By law, councils must wait until Eoghan Murphy, the local government minister, moves the election writ, which is expected to be around August 28, before they formally nominate candidates.

Dragons’ Den star Gavin Duffy fired up for Aras tilt against Michael D Higgins (The Times ireland edition)


Pics; RTE/Rollingnews


Siiting in for John Waters at the Irish Times today.

Gavin Duffy (above).

He’s not just a dragon.

Amazingly, our species is going to end up at a destination that was mapped out for us, thousands of years ago, in the scriptures of the world’s major faiths. Christians and Muslims called it Heaven, Buddhists called it Nirvana and Hindus named it Moksha.

You have got to ask yourself is this all one hell of a coincidence or one heavenly divine plan. So did God create us or did we create God? It actually may not matter because a consequence of having computing intelligence is that we would seek a god.

When our species acquired computing intelligence was that an act of God or an act of nature? A divine intervention or a freak of genetics? That is for each of us to decide.


We’re in.

Human consciousness was always going to require a god (Gavin Duffy, irish Times)

(Wanderley Massafelli/Photocall Ireland)