37 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

    1. Brother Barnabas

      are you talking about the advertorial placed in the Irish Times by Invest Liverpool, the UK state agency* tasked with attracting investment to the liverpool city region ?

      do you understand how advertising works?

      goodness, you’re thick

      *curiously enough – funded by the EU Regional Development Fund

        1. Brother Barnabas

          let’s try again – in what way does hosting a paid ad indicate that the Irish Times ad dept “didn’t get the official line”

          it’s an ad
          the IT gets paid for putting it there
          the IT doesn’t give a sh1 te what it says
          Invest Liverpool pay to put it there

          going offline in an hour or so bit happy to answer your questions between now and then

          1. Papi

            The toxic tan only wishes his virginity was too. Mom’s “special cuddles” are getting a bit tiresome for her.

          2. Papi

            Far from it, his opinions mean little or nothing to me, some even have merit. It’s the fake little englishman I am against.
            And if someone insulted my sexuality, why on earth would I call them , I believe you’re trying to say, “racist”?
            Not the brightest this morning?

          3. Starina

            I was a big fan of WAYCISS before Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. They never recovered from that POS.

        2. Starina

          Invest Liverpool wouldn’t have to take out an ad if anyone was interested in having business in the UK anymore.

  1. ralph

    As we report with outrage trump is to stop birth right citizenship rights we forget we too ended that right here
    Funny that
    The orange one implementing what we did years ago

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Birth tourism is big business.
      Chinese companies in particular will charge 20 grand to smooth the process so you visit the States just in time to drop a kid.
      One in twelve births in Californian hospitals are to parents of illegal immigrants.
      Trump will get slated by the media,natch,but he’s a one-man wrecking ball of energy and new ideas that sets the news agenda every single day.
      Absolute box office.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        With the added bonus that it drives Nigel on here demented.
        That’s always great value.
        Re-election in 2020 might even push the poor sod over the edge.
        Go Donald !

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Venice wanted less tourists.
    The very values behind Venice being both a cultural and natural UNESCO site will destroy it.

      1. johnny

        your right as always Ro-its just on the front page on every Newspaper in US,on all the morning shows,with various theories knocking about as to whether it was a mob hit or a govt job.
        he had very close links with Ireland/Irish America is on front page few papers there……..
        was rumored to be exposing problems with FBI’s confidential informant program, oh and clearly you do as you commented,or are you just bitter that I don’t engage with you.
        your persistence is admirable.

        1. scottser

          in fairness to rotide, i couldn’t give a monkey’s either. he was always going to get ‘whacked’ or whatever it is mafia informants get these days. the only surprising thing is that it hasn’t happened before this.

          1. johnny

            -the feds turned a life sentence into a death sentence,why was he was in general population at a max security prison with know mafiosa?
            -as someone who spends lots time in Southie,and enjoys listening to the older Irish ‘wise guys’ talking about NY/South Boston in the 70’s/80’s I’m fascinated by how he went out and who ordered the hit….
            -clearly so are lots other people:)

  3. ollie

    Mortgage rates to stay low, sez the mouthpiece of FG.
    Mortgage rates are artifically high and legislation that may help to reduce them is still at committee stage, blocked by FFG

    1. ReproButina

      Don’t you know what a tracker mortgage is? Many mortgage rates are tied to the ECB rate and they will be staying low.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    I see the Eurozone grew by only 0.2% in Q3,well below even Britain’s modest growth.
    Merkel is holed below the water line,Macron suffering record low approval ratings and Italy is not far off a head-on car crash.
    Meanwhile Fiscal Phil has just delivered a massive giveaway budget based on increasing tax revenues both now and in the future.
    Just as well a majority of both Labour and Conservative constituencies in the UK voted to Leave the EU.
    If there’s an EU still left to leave.
    Marvellous,what ?

  5. ralph

    American friends reckon he is the best thing for decades
    I would say trump will romp home
    A politician who keeps his election promises
    Such a rare breed

  6. johnny

    Digital DeathWatch-quick update on the comical extend and pretend strategy.
    Staunch resistance form bondholders has resulted in this shambles,its like watching a train crash.Keep in mind its 3 Billion of bonds at stake here,its high stakes poker and DOB is bluffing, they about call his hand.

    31-Aug-Deadline announced as 14 Sept.
    07-Sept-extended to 30 sept.
    24-Sept-extended 19 Oct
    15-Ovt-extended 2 Nov
    30-Oct-extended 16 Nov

    Bondholders are not buying the new deal-its a complete mess.

    Here you have it-from yesterday in London- Jean Yves Charlier,Digicel.

    “While we’ve seen huge year-on-year traffic increases on our networks – sometimes by as much as 30, 40 or even 50 per cent, fundamentally we are not translating that increase in traffic into revenue growth. We’ve poured billions of dollars into new 4G networks but today analysts believe that the return we are seeing on those investments are less than the costs of deploying the initial capital for operators in Europe,” he explained.

    “What we’ve seen is that Silicone Valley and the tech giants are essentially coming in and eating our lunch. Telcos are claiming less and less of the revenues that our industry is generating.”


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