Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and UK Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels. Belgium last month

Apparently Britain now seeks
A deal that will last just twelve weeks
After which they can order
A brand new hard border
They’re talking out of their arse cheeks

John Moynes




17 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. ReproButina

      Border checks will only be required in the absence of a deal. Last December the UK signed up to putting those border checks in the Irish Sea and that remains the situation unless they come up with a better deal or leave with no deal.

  1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    In the event of Brexit going through in its fullest capacity its time to finally ask the people of Northern Ireland the following questions.

    1) Do you wish to remain part of the United Kingdom in the event of the United Kingdom leaving the E.U.

    2) Do you wish to see the reunification of both parts of the island of Ireland and leave the United Kingdom in the event of the United Kingdom leaving the E.U.

    And the reasons why are now far more complicated (or simplified depending on your perspective) than the old questions of unionism v nationalism, Irish v British, Catholic v Protestant. This – for normal rational people – is now a far bigger question of economic future, sense of belonging in the grander scheme of things rather than just the old small ( and shrinking ) world of colonialism. This is now far beyond where we all came from, this is now where we’re all going. Nobody on the mainland even knows where N.I. is let alone how its structured within the U.K. Its really time for ordinary people of the north to have their independent say rather than being to some a sentimental piece of family heir loom stolen many years ago or to others a prize stuffed animal hung over the fireplace. Those days are irrelevant today.

    1. Cian

      3) Do you wish to remain in the EU as an independent state, separate from both UK and the Republic of Ireland named the “Democratic People’s Republic of Ireland”.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    I’m sure most people in Britain would be more than happy to be shot of NI.
    Trouble is when I ask my chums in the pub here if they want it they recoil with horror.
    And many in the North would be reluctant to give up their free healthcare and £10billion subsidies from London.
    Rather like the Scottish independence referendum, when faced with the economics of reality the head ruled the heart.
    Once the Brexit fudge happens and nothing much changes in the NI economy I can’t see it happening.
    Which is a shame.
    You’re welcome to the whole mess.You really are.

    1. jusayinlike

      “Once the Brexit fudge happens..”

      You’ve been saying that for two years now, it’s starting to sound silly.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Did you ever find me evidence about the Ford and Mini factories you said we’re on 3-day weeks?

  3. SOQ

    May phoned Leo today. Negotiating with the British must be like hoarding mice at a crossroads right now. They scamper this way then scatter that way then spilt only to join together again in a collective squeak, then split again.

    Meanwhile, since they presented the direct contradictions after the Brexit vote, two million older have died while three million younger have come into voting age, and that is not even considering those who have changed their mind. Younger = remain mainly of course.

    Even Banks says he will vote differently in the second referendum. Brexit all going to plan apparently, except nobody seems to know where the damned plan actually is.

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