Sure Where Would You Get It?


Jason McSherry tweetz:

Recent sunrise pic flyout out of Dublin, Ireland on my way to move to Spain.

Meanwhile, yesterday…

Éadaoin tweetz:

Wonderful autumn colour still on display at Dublin’s Botanic Gardens.

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7 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. TheQ47

    Wow! The red leaves on that second pic (from the Botanic Garden) are stunning. What sort of tree is that?

      1. TheQ47

        Ta, Cian.

        (P.S. weird things going on with the replies here. I typed the above previously, but it posted my original comment a second time)

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Looks like a Japanese maple.
      The autumn colours are more dramatic this year because of more sugars trapped in the leaves due to bright sunny days and not much wind. It’s no New England but should be more vibrant than when autumn is cloudy.

      1. Basil Brush

        I just thought I was seeing life with a new vibrancy! just sugar trapped in leaves. It really is lovely out there though. Thanks for the info Hoop. I love Broadsheet sometimes….

  2. Marbe

    Or also known as a Japanese Maple, and if anyone knows where I went wrong trying to grow 3(red) of them down the years I’d love to know. I have one of the green ones but the red is glorious.

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