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At 8pm.

On Twitter.

The #MyNameIs campaign is calling on supporters to join their Twitter Storm to highlight the issues around homelessness and the chronic lack of housing.

The most recent Department of Housing figures showed there were 5,869 adults, 1,753 families and 3,829 children – a total of 9,698 individuals – staying in State-funded emergency accommodation in the final week of September last.

This was an increase of 171 individuals – 35 adults and 136 children.


The Raise the Roof rally in Dublin on October 3

On Friday, December 1.

At the Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1, at 2pm.

A National Housing Demonstration will be held in Dublin, organised by the the National Homeless and Housing Coalition, who say:

After the massive success of the #RaiseTheRoof rally on October 3rd, when we had 12,000 on the streets outside Dáil Éireann, the National Homeless and Housing Coalition have called a national demonstration on the housing crisis to take place on December 1st at 2pm.

Huge momentum is building and grass roots groups campaigning, providing front-line services and advocating for action on the housing crisis, are calling for water style demonstrations to put pressure on the government.

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8 thoughts on “Tonight On Twitter

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    One figure you don’t see reported here is than according to the Department of Housing around one-third of those families in emergency accommodation are non-nationals.
    And as the number of immigrants rises rapidly every year that figure is only going to increase.
    Ireland is seen as an easy touch for low-skilled East European migrants.
    Staying in a hotel or living on a tarted-up ghost estate while receiving free money and being part of organised begging or the black economy is a cushy way of life for some of these people.
    You’re being had.

    1. scottser

      non-nationals must be habitually resident here for 12 months before they can claim any benefits or be eligible for social housing support. you can’t just rock up to the country of your choosing, declare yourself homeless and sign on.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        There’s a well-known method for migrants to send the father or son in advance to secure hostel accommodation and once they’re in the system hey presto the extended family arrives after them.
        If Ireland had control over its borders migrants could be limited to those with a job guaranteed or sufficient qualifications to be of benefit to this country.
        It’s the immigration policy of every advanced,non-EU country on earth.It’s why Irish illegal immigrants in the USA – sorry,undocumented – face being kicked out if they’re caught.
        It is ludicrous that a third of the people in emergency accomodation are non-nationals who can’t support themselves and are being funded by Irish families already struggling themselves.
        It’s also bonkers that Ireland isn’t kicking out illegal immigrants while at the same time lobbying the US not to kick out Irish illegals.

        1. scottser

          you don’t understand. you don’t get homeless accommodation unless you’ve been habitually resident here for 12 months. it doesn’t matter if a family member is here. if you come from another jurisdiction and declare yourself as homeless you will be sent back to where you were made homeless from.

  2. Ronan

    My view on all of the above is that it’s a shame, and there’s work to be done, but this isn’t a polarising issue for me re: the performance of this government.

    The combined support for FG and FF in recent polls suggests that my feelings are echoed across Irish society.

    Homelessness mainly has visibility in already deprived sections of society. As such, since a majority still vote for the establishment parties, we can see that 20,000 homeless wouldn’t shift this thinking – since deprivation includes many times that number without shifting thinking.

    The next election will be about homelessness and trolleys to the degree that the opposition wishes it to be. But that doesn’t mean it’s enough to topple the establishment.

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