Taunting Soldier


From top: The Haunting Soldier statue in Stephen’s Green; tourists take a selfie and ISR protest poster


Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Irish Socialist Republicans (ISR) writes:

To counter the controversial 6 meter high statue of a British Soldier errected in Stephens Green, Irish Socialist Republicans have errected a series of large A1 posters around the Dublin City park that read, ‘Ireland Welcomes the Black and Tans- Murders, Rapists, Criminals, Terrorists!’

The posters have been errected to demonstrate opposition to the shameful glorification of Imperialist War and the slavish celebration of the British Military that the statue represents, a force that continues to maintain an illegal occupation of Ireland and is involved in illegal wars of conqest around the world.

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24 thoughts on “Taunting Soldier

  1. Rep

    Are the Irish Socialist Republicans not the political branch of whatever the INLA are now?

    While in this instance, I don’t necessarily disagree with what they are saying, its a bit rich of them to call others criminals and terrorists

  2. Zaccone

    49,000 Irish men died in World War One. Some of them were unionists, some nationalists, but they were all young Irish men who died believing they were fighting for the best for Ireland in one way or another.

    Its entirely possible to honour their memory without dragging any politics into it. These ‘Irish Socialist Republicans’ seem to be taking a very childlike, needlessly aggressive view of things.

    1. Col

      I agree. They were treated poorly over there and treated poorly upon their return.
      I would have liked to have seen a statue representing a miserable, tired, cold & put upon young man in a soldier’s uniform in Stephen’s Green, rather than what is there.

    2. Friscondo

      The absolutely ridiculous notion that all young men die in any war “for their beliefs” is so offensive. Most of them were whipped up into a martial frenzy by middle aged, and old men, who wouldn’t fight for a cause to save their lives. This sentimental rubbish about the degradation and savagery of war only perpetuates it. Sad.

    3. Nigel

      They were professional soldiers fighting for money, especially after the initial wave of patriotic fervour sort of dissolved in mud and blood.

        1. wearnicehats

          Thank God Ireland played the cowardice card in WW2. Sorry, typo – meant to say neutrality card. Saved the government a bit of money, mind. Presumably those men who chose to fight anyway (and were branded traitors) paid for it out of their own pockets

          1. Nigel

            No they were paid by HM Government.

            Speaking of mythologising- not taking part in a war we had no.part in causing and which cost millions of lives was cowardice?

    4. Jam

      They died trying to kill people. And for what? I revere people who died peacefully in their beds in their 70’s and 80’s far more.

  3. Jam

    They died trying to kill people. And for what? I revere people who died peacefully in their beds in their 70’s and 80’s far more.

  4. rotide

    Why do you keep giving these absolute fkwits the oxygen of even this type of exposure.

    The fact they are blisfully unaware of how ‘erected’ is spelt speaks volumes.

    1. scottser

      Bigger idiots than this get well paid to peddle their bullshit. At least these guys provide some comic relief, i wouldnt expect you of all people to take them seiously lad.

  5. Tony Corcoran

    This reads like the sur Bob Geldof history of the banana republic,putting politics aside the SS could also be included they were only doing what they believed was best for Germany.
    The poor misunderstood Black and Tan !

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