Meanwhile, In Ballsbridge


The former AIB Bankcentre Headquarters, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

This deal will see it acquire the 14-acre site in the south Dublin suburb, allowing it to grow its floor space to 870,000 square feet.

The new campus will play host to the 60 teams it has in Ireland across engineering, safety, legal, policy, marketing and sales.

The move will substantially increase its floorspace in the city enabling it to expand its workforce by up to 5,000.

But where will they live, anyone?

Facebook to lease AIB Bank Centre for new Dublin campus (RTÉ)

Pic: Scollard & Doyle

17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ballsbridge

  1. Dhod

    AIB are in a new purpose built premises in Sandyford.
    Sandyford is not the most accessible place by public transport to many. If you live on the green line it’s grand, to the rest it’s not. This was pointed out to snr management but was ignored. The majority of them live in south Co. Dublin and have reserved parking in the new office.
    The biggest disappointment with the new office is there’s only a handful of parking spots for the plebs. This means if you want to drive you have to be there at 6am to ensure parking and sleep in your car until it’s time to start the day. The alternative for many is 1.5 – 2 hour commutes by bus and train/luas.
    Many have left the company since the relocation in the summer

    1. Andrew

      So have AIB moved to Sandyford already Dhod? Is there any AIB presence left in Ballsbridge or in the city centre.
      Didn’t AIB sell the Ballsbridge campus just before the bubble burst?

    2. Starina

      LOL It’s a 20 minute Luas commute from city centre. If you’re travelling 2 hours on the Luas you were probably driving for an hour and a half at least anyway. The issue is the frequency of the Luas, and the fact that they insist on using the old, short Luases at rush hour.

      The parking in Central Park is a joke, though. They keep putting in office buildings that can accommodate thousands of people, but have a parking lot with about 500 spots. No apparent plans to build a parking garage, either.

      1. Rob_G

        “They keep putting in office buildings that can accommodate thousands of people, but have a parking lot with about 500 spots. No apparent plans to build a parking garage, either.”

        If they built it with a parking spot for every person working there, everyone would drive, and the roads around it would be in gridlock each morning and evening. I am glad that planners are belatedly incentivising commuters to use means of transport other than cars.

        1. Starina

          It would be a great incentive if there were enough Luases to accommodate everyone. It’s a sardine can from 8-9:30am and from 5 to 6:30pm.

  2. the bottler

    Heard on Newstalk this morning that latest data for traffic flow stats on the N11 were for 2015. Are planners answerable to anyone?

  3. johnny

    Old Dunner (self made Irish dev) deal now owned by dodgy yanks with dubious cash from the Middle East and Trumps BFF-happy days in Kildare St !
    Bloomberg (go Mike 2020) takes a hatchet to Johnny’s main money man-long read and it ain’t pretty.Well done Ireland great see irish developers stripped their assets and sold in a fire sale to tax adverse yanks, and people wonder why theres no housing,Dunner can build housing can Colony Capital……

    1. johnny

      Reporting is all over the place,my understanding Fookbook took the entire 14 acres in a sublease from AIB.
      If so it includes “Fibonacci Square”,Ronan and Colony Capital’s stalled office development deal.They just whacked Richard Saltzman as CEO and director and he will be succeeded by Barrack.The company’s shares,are down 49 percent this year, Saltzman, one of Barrack’s closest deputies, was charged with overseeing Colony’s disastrous merger with the NorthStar companies.
      The only thing Barrack and other absentee vulture fund landlords are famous for in the US is extremely aggressive EVICTIONS,but they are heralded by the Irish govt and supine press as the second coming, they most certainly are not.
      “Fulton County, Georgia—the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta found corporate landlords were much more likely to file eviction notices than mom-and-pop landlords. And Colony was the most aggressive of these corporate landlords, the report’s data show; in 2015, Colony moved to evict one-third of its tenants. In its statement to Reveal, Colony disputed the Federal Reserve Bank’s study and said most residents who receive eviction notices are not actually forced to leave. The company said that it kicked out only 10 percent of its Fulton County tenants in 2016.”

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