A Social Media Election Moratorium?


From a new Eurobarometer poll

The results of a new Eurobarometer poll on Democracy and Elections have been published, after fieldwork was carried out in September.

It found:

Almost 9 in 10 (87%) Irish people, 3rd highest in the EU, want online social networks and other Internet platforms to disclose the amount of money they receive from political parties and campaign groups as well as the support they themselves provide to these political parties and campaign groups. The EU average was 80%, highest in Greece at 90% and lowest in Lithuania at 67%.

86% of Irish people, 5th highest in the EU, want online social networks to disclose what content and publications are online advertisements and who is paying for them. The EU average is 81%, highest in Greece at 92% and lowest in Lithuania at 70%.

84% of Irish people consider that the rules traditional media have to observe during the pre-election period should also apply to online social networks, Internet platforms and the actors using them. The EU average was 76%.

83% of Irish people are in favour of introducing for online social networks the same strict silence period that is required for other media. The EU average was 74%.

The results of the Eurobarometer poll can be downloaded here

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12 thoughts on “A Social Media Election Moratorium?

  1. steve white

    Doesn’t matter how many people are in favour of it, its impossible unless you shut off the internet why did Eurobarameter such a question

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Opinion of Joe/Jane Voter is one thing.

      But social networks, and/or any website, should have these rules applied. As well as the additional potential rules around declarations of interests and advertising monies received and from whom, by them. That’s not impossible.

        1. pedeyw

          You could certainly limit it to a certain extent. Paid-for political advertising could be removed.

          1. steve white

            this is the question in question “QB15.6 In more details, are you in favour or opposed to the application of each of the following principles to online social networks, Internet platforms and actors using them during election periods?
            Introduction on online social networks of the same strict silence period (“days of reflection”) that is required for the other media”

            its got nothing to do with ads

  2. steve white

    more info on the OP http://ec.europa.eu/commfrontoffice/publicopinion/index.cfm/WhatsNew/index
    Democracy and elections
    This Special Eurobarometer survey was commissioned by the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers to explore citizens’ opinions and concerns about voting and elections, as well as their satisfaction about various aspects of democracy in the EU. Some first results of the survey on the concerns of the EU citizens about the use of the Internet and online social networks during election periods are published today. The publication of the full results of this survey is expected in the coming weeks.

  3. f_lawless

    “84% of Irish people consider that the rules traditional media have to observe during the pre-election period should also apply to online social networks”.
    Talk about manufactured consent. Traditional media is a one way information flow where the establishment sets the narrative. Social media is an interactive platform allowing for the debating of ideas. Why be in favour of shutting down our own internet freedoms when they’re already under sustained attack? . More critical thinking, less censorship, I say!

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