Here We Are Now



Every week, we give away a voucher worth TWENTY FIVE EUROS to spend at any of the many Golden Diiscs branches nationwide.

All we ask from you is a tune we can play at an unspecified time next week.

This week’s theme: Nirvana.

What slacker-luring sonic onslaught from Kurt Cobain’s Seattle-borne grunge gods gets your ‘too-large’ plaid shirt in a bunch.

To enter, please complete this sentence.

‘Nirvana’s___________________stands the test of time owing to its_____________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.15pm

No ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit


Golden Discs

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39 thoughts on “Here We Are Now

  1. pip G

    ‘Nirvana’s___________Rape me________stands the test of time owing to the #metoo campaign_________________’

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Nirvana’s Where did you sleep last night? stands the test of time owing to it’s poignant comment on the predictable heartache brought on by human nature versus expectations and it’s haunting tune.

  3. Cian

    Nirvana’s “All apologies” stands the test of time owing to what else could I write? I don’t have the right.

  4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I love their cover of The Man Who Sold the World. It’s poignant (said she, pronouncing the g).
    I’ve just watched the video. He was a big ole ride, was Kurt.

  5. Boj

    Nirvana’s Lithium stands the test of time owing to it having their recognisable quiet/loud style! Cobain and Grohl start with a light noodling and a steady beat, however by the end of the tune we are hit with a furious rage inducing instrument throwing excitement. The song was written about a guy whose girlfriend dies and he turns to religion for solace which soothes him…much like what the title of the song would do(or so I’m told).

    Some recommended listening is Dave Grohl’s recent release – ‘Play’…a 23min rock instrumental where he plays ALL of the instruments (7 in total and a cool vid too). I’m currently drumming up to the 12min mark and it’s damn hard work!! Rock ON!!

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I’m just listening to Play now. I can’t make sense of the drums in parts of it. There’s a definite beat, obv, but it’s just so complicated to listen to.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Have you heard of Terry Bozzio? I went to see him play a drum solo concert. UNBELIEVABLE! Twas many years ago, now.

          1. Boj

            He’s a lunatic! My kit consists of about 15% of his full kit…ridiculousness to the max! Where did you see him play out of interest…Ireland/Dublin? I was at Whole Lotta Zepp a while back in Sugar club…3 kits banging out the best of Zepp…yes please…mmmm!

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            It was in Temple Bar, I think. It must have been the late 90s I’d say.
            I saw Page & Plant in Oakland around the same time. Also unbelievable.

            Fun times. Now I’m a suburban mum, giggling at memories of the craziness way back when.

          3. Boj

            Ah that’s ok, I thought I missed something more recent. I do struggle to find good drummer gigs in Dublin, or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. Well I’m a suburban dad now but you can still pop over and I’ll show you my paradiddle if you like…Badum-tish!!

  6. scottser

    nirvana’s ‘breed’ stands the test of time, owing to the variety of bands who have covered it; weezer, deer tick, skanic to name but a few. it’s a riot of a tune; dancing to it feels like you just gave a cop a good kick in the nuts.

      1. scottser

        dress mr andy up in a navy/hi vis combo and get him to talk in a culchie accent, then put on ‘breed’ and let fly. you will both thank me.

    1. :-Joe

      Fair play, people need to learn how to sit on the fence more often..

      …but what would you pick if you had a gun to your head..

      eh.. or perhaps if your armpit was being tickled gently with a colourful feather…


  7. Ronan

    I liked them. But they have not stood the test of time. It was a fleeting, albeit breakthrough, sound.

    I doubt I’d sit though a full album at this point in the way I would several contemporaries such as Sound Garden or Alice in Chains.

  8. Dub Spot

    ‘Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit stands the test of time owing to its ageless sense of frustration, thunderous guitar dynamics, and personification of shaggy rebellion, all recognizable in that instantly headbangingly deodorant way. Brings to life the sense of Arnie’s “old, not obsolete”’ line perfectly.

    Proven song.

  9. :-Joe

    ‘Nirvana’s____IN BLOOM_______stands the test of time owing to its____ sardonic, satirical wit in the originality of it’s composition and also in the satirical and parodical comedy in the music video they devised and acted in. ! _________ ’

    Both the song and video were originally recorded before their first album. The song was not released before being reworked somewhat in the style of a pop song for their second album. Together with the video, based on 50’s pop TV culture, having the intention of mocking the mainstream public bandwagon who sing along to the band of the moment regardless of what they represent without getting the point of their intentional message.

    To me, it’s pure comedic genius and sums up the real intelligence going on under the surface of Cobain and Nirvana like a mnemonic from the 90’s MTV video culture before modern internet meme culture had even been coined or taken hold in the public consciousness.

    Full of all the good stuff with intent, meaning and a cracking good tune even if you still don’t get the point.


    1. :-Joe

      *Sardonic, sarcastic, satirical and parodical…. iwas what I meant to write…
      (Grrr.. Stupid brain messing with my fingers again)

  10. Otis Blue

    Nirvana’s Pennyroyal Tea stands the test of time owing to its invocation of a Leonard Cohen afterworld*.

    And who wouldn’t be happy with that?

    *sighs eternally.

  11. Stuart Boyle

    Nirvana’s__Cobain__stands the test of time owing to his inability to grow old and spoil the bands memory by selling out or going stale’

  12. Rugbyfan

    I know it’s past 6.15 but…
    It was our 5th year tour/ Irish trip and we had just arrived in the Kerry Gaeltacht for a week of learning a cupla focal and to see Peig Sayers homeland to help us visualise what we were reading in the ‘book’.
    We were shown to or chalets, 4 bedrooms a kitchen and most importantly a TV. Liam, one of the lads who was into the cooler music turned it on and our our musical eyes and ears were opened…. The video for Smells light ten spirit was just starting. The guitars, a leftie playing like hendrix, the voice, the drums, a wall of sound that washed over us. Our ears, eyes out very beings took it in. The kids in the video jumping to the music, Cobain screaming ‘here we are now, entertain us,, the rest of it was pure magic and it spoke to a generation. Grunge had arrived. We were hooked just like the baby chasing the dollar on a hook on the cover of the album which we all bought on our return to civilisation.

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