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National Journalism Awards 2018

25 thoughts on “The Big Short

  1. Rob_G

    In a way, I feel bad for Callan: it must be frustrating when you are quite a good mimic, but not in the slightest bit funny.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        don’t most comics have writers etc?

        (not me – this is all my own stuff, believe it or not )

          1. Alan mc gee

            I remember Callan got in hot water a few years ago for suggesting Michael D Higgins was a homosexual. It was a skit about him going on skites with his personal assistant Kevin.
            Callan was crucified over it.
            That’s what satire gets you in Ireland.
            crucified for honesty.

            I’m not for a moment saying our president is a homosexual nor do I care of his sexual proclivities but I would question the man’s honesty.

          2. SOQ

            @Alan, I don’t know but I will ask about next time I am up that way. It was very daring for those days, I mean it is a Catholic Church after all.

  2. Shankillfalls

    In fairness using the President’s height as a joke is genius and completely original. I’m just surprised no one thought of it during his first term.

  3. Termagant

    This is what happens when you base your vote on who’s the most adorbs ickle candidate of them all, sure didn’t I see the picture of him on a bicycle with some youths, isn’t he only gas

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