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Israeli Ambassador to Ireland Boaz Modai

The Israeli embassy claims that the President’s office failed to organise a customary final meeting with Ambassador Boaz Modai before he leaves his post in Dublin today.

Mr [Boaz] Modai’s officials claimed that they followed the usual protocol in formally notifying the Department of Foreign Affairs of his impending departure more than two months ago, with the expectation that a farewell meeting would be arranged.

However, the President’s office last night said it had never received a request from the department and insisted that Mr Higgins would have met with the Israeli Ambassador if it had.


President in diplomatic row with Israel envoy (Irish Independent)


John Fogarty writes:

Your article about the Israeli Ambassador is a little pathetic considering yesterday after a large campaign by Irish4Israel the Aras contacted the Embassy and requested a meeting which took place this morning.

Higgins didn’t want egg on his face, so although he was on holidays down in Galway he came back to Dublin to meet the Ambassador.

The Israeli Ambassador was the only one he had not met and it was a deviation from diplomatic protocol .Ambassadors do not invite themselves to the Aras. The Aras lied and was caught out lying, they then had no choice but to try repair the damage and invite the Ambassador….

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