Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

These short-lets put people in precarious situations, the person taking the lease and the person expecting to return, not to mention the people already living in the room. Spotted on Facebook by @GazzaONuallain. Thanks for your support.


19 thoughts on “Pack It In

  1. Qwerty123

    You can rent a double room in that area for around 500pm for terms greater than 1 year. Issue is the people who want to live near rent free in that house. No way the agreement is with landlord.

    1. SOQ

      You can rent a double room in that area for around 500pm for terms greater than 1 year.

      Yes dear. How many were you sharing with?

      1. SOQ

        This is all very akin to when Thatcher packed the poor Irish into areas of NW London in the eighties.

        Within certain rental areas of Dublin the republicans are now the landlords. Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      2. Qwerty123

        I just used that evil website Daft to see what is available in the area. Not too ‘dear’. silly billy

  2. Andrew

    How is this situation allowed to develop?. How can people keep ignoring the effect of immigration, a lot of it illegal, on the housing crisis.
    Who does this serve apart from the landlord class?

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      immigration is not the issue,
      zero regulation on renting and lack of proper planning and transport infrastructure is

        1. dylad

          Where did you read that, the Liberal.ie? It is not ‘very much part of the issue’, unless you mean that visitors to our country are more likely to be exploited. Show us something data driven that backs your assertion up.

        2. Janet, I ate my avatar

          immigration is keeping our hospitals staffed and our IT sector competitive,
          there are plenty of jobs, Ireland is underpopulated and birth rates decline, infrastructure is a joke, transport is a joke, the government is a joke and your fear of the other is a joke too

          1. Andrew

            Do you honestly think the Croatian and Brazilian lads in this situation aren’t being exploited? Why should they have to live like this? You’re tired and lazy ideas about immigration are an insult to immigrant.
            Keeping our IT sector competitive ? Are you having a laugh?
            THIS IS GLOABILISM and the rentier class are the beneficiaries. You are just doing their bidding. Keeping people down and keeping incomes down.
            Ask yourself why birthrates are falling here and elsewhere?
            Your thought process is lazy and you’ve been conditioned.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            yes they are absolutely being exploited, however you are suggesting it is the their presence that is the root of the problem, I am arguing that it’s not. The renter class as you call it need proper regulation, price per m2 etc. Adequate social housing built by contractors that haven’t lined the right pockets would be a start too. Keeping people down, by that I guess you mean Irish people ? I don’t buy into that Nationalism.

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar


            Thus immigration continues to play an important role in expanding the growth potential of the economy. As in the late 1990s, this influx of talent helps raise the standard of living for everyone in Ireland.

            Ireland has never had a formal immigration policy, but the outcome of the unplanned development has, to date, been favourable. Freedom of movement within the EU has provided a vital safety valve and the result has been an influx of people who have made a very valuable contribution to the economy and the wider society.

            Ireland has so far avoided the populist anti-immigrant rhetoric that is a feature of politics in Britain, the US, and much of central Europe. It helps that every Irish family has its own migration story. Our citizenship ceremonies have been a success story.

    2. realPolithicks

      You’re right there donald, the evil immigrants are to blame for this situation. In fact they are the problem with the waiting lists for hospitals, the corruption in the guards, the falling down schools, brexit, climate change and Ireland’s lack of success in the eurovision…..well done, you’ve diagnosed the problem…..build that wall!!

    3. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Andrew are all you friends, colleagues, family members Irish by birth ? They must be for you to have such a limited view of an immigrants life and possible contributions to our society. We need to look a lot closer to home to see what’s wrong with the housing issue.

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