Martin O’Neill (left) and Roy Keane

This morning.

Over the moon?

Sick as a parrot?

The choice is yours.

Breaking Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane leave Ireland jobs by mutual agreement (RTÉ)


Ah here.


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    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Email From:

      Aer Lingus,
      Aer Club for Frequent Flyers ,
      Ground Floor
      Aer Lingus Head Office
      Dublin Airport
      Co. Dublin
      PA 06-39


      John Delaney,
      Chief Executive,
      National Sports Campus,
      Dublin 15

      Dear Mr Delaney,

      It is with regret that Aer Lingus informs you that the Concierge Level Executive Lounge Facilities which the Irish football team has enjoyed on a Corporate basis in the past have now been withdrawn.

      As you know Concierge privileges such as lounge access away from the hoi polloi are awarded on the basis of miles flown on a regular basis.

      Our most recent accounts show that the FAI has earned insufficient miles travelling to major sporting competitions in recent years and thus your membership is now being downgraded to that of the lowest level, Green.

      This means officials and players from the FAI will have to mix in the public bar for a few aul’ scoops with the two or three fans who now travel with us on an irregular basis for away matches.

      Lounge access privileges will no longer be available until Ireland next qualify for a major tournament. May I suggest we review this arrangement in 2028 ?


      Yours, etc etc

      Stephen Kavanagh (Chief Executive Officer)

    2. realPolithicks

      It would be good if they could get rid of delaney also, he is a millstone around the neck of football in Ireland.

      1. Fred

        Until he Delaney goes Irish soccer is going no where
        The only thing that could unseat him is the FAI going bankrupt

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Would you leave the PL for us? Hughton would be mad to. Kenny is the name we reckoned on in work too.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            nothing against mccarthy but can’t think of a single case of it ever working out when a manager went back for a second go

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I support your right to an internet husband, and will further support you if you’d like to adopt internet babies together.

          3. rotide

            BB, Carlos Alberto Parreira won the world cup in his second spell with Brazil and the Copa america in his third

          4. Spaghetti Hoop

            ‘Internet husband’? I worked in a place that had an office husband and office wife. They’d chuckle together and emoticon their emails to each other. At their birthdays or ‘office anniversary’, they’d get everyone to cough up a fiver towards a present. Un-fuppin-believable. Way worse than Facebook couples.

          5. Brother Barnabas

            are you suggesting Bertie and I should set up a gofundme page and get you all to contribute ?

          6. Neilo

            @Bertie: oh yeah, Barnabas was the hot, new flibbertigibbet you used to forget me. Remember that I loved you first and best…you scoundrel!

          7. Ollie Cromwell

            ” nothing against mccarthy but can’t think of a single case of it ever working out when a manager went back for a second go”

            Not many but Fabio Capello won La Liga titles in two separate spells at Real Madrid and Tony Pulis was much more successful in his second spell at Stoke.

      2. LeopoldGloom

        Kenny. Hughton, would (a) be taking a backwards step and (b) is a very pragmatic and somewhat defensive minded manager anyway. Which is what we don’t need.

        I say that as a fan of Hughton, and think he is an outstanding coach.

        Kenny, and also some proper development plan for the league and underage is what is badly needed.

        We shouldn’t be looking at the next Euros, or World Cup 2022. 2024-2030 should be the focus. A long term project, to develop, teams, players and coaches domestically and it can only help the national team. The best players can still go abroad, but the league should be able to field some players.

        And Delaney, and the rest of the FAI board out.

        1. ReproBertie

          We should be looking at the next UEFA Nations League. We’ve dropped to League C and, if I understand it correctly, will be in a group with Romania, Montenegro and Macedonia (this may be subject to change or an open draw for League C or whatever you’re having yourself). There’s no reason we can’t collect a bag of wins there with a decent manager and some time to prepare.

        2. scottser

          they’re doing the euro 2020 draw in dublin next month. good time for a protest if you’re that way inclined.

    1. rotide

      Why are people so hot for Kenny?

      Kerr was a manager with a much better international track record than him and he lost the dressing room in about 10 seconds flat due to having zero experience in top flight management. Kenny would be no different.

      McCarthy all the way for me

      1. ReproBertie

        Kerr managed a better class of players than we have now so they were in a position to ignore him. The players we have now have nothing to show for their efforts at club or country.

      2. LeopoldGloom

        Kerr was booted out far too soon. Had he actually been given time, to work with what was a relatively talented group of players, in a transitional phase then I think we’d be in a better position now.

        1. rotide

          No. I’m afraid that’s completely wrong. They had stopped playing for him and there was no chance of him winning the dressing room back.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            in fairness to o’neill, when comparing his win % with kerr’s win %, need to look at the names on the teamsheet for kerr’s last match (v switzerland):

            Shay Given, Steve Carr, Richard Dunne, Kenny Cunningham, Ian Harte, Andy Reid, Matt Holland, John O’Shea, Kevin KIlbane, Clinton Morrison, Robbie Keane. Subs: O’Brien, Steven Reid, Finnan, Kavanagh, Kenny, Elliott, Doherty.

            and that was with Roy Keane and Damien Duff both out injured

        1. Brother Barnabas

          woah no, it took around 8 seconds for everything to come rushing back

          he’d be a phucking awful choice

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    They must have been bad t’other night for both managers to quit.
    Who will be the ‘now Gaffar’?, said in a Staunton accent.
    Can’t have McCarthy again though, not after all that Saipan nonsence.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      But if the baker was rubbish then hopefully the cakes will at least be tolerable with a new, better baker.

      This analogy is making me hungry.

      1. millie st murderlark

        I won’t say anything about the spiced dulce leche cake I’ve just put into the oven then.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    If Martin O’Neill couldn’t get some decent results or even some goals out of the current squad then no manager is going to be able. The problem is the grassroots side of things and that comes down to John Delaney. Delaney needs to go. Or we can splash out another few mill on another big name manager who will also flounder for a couple of years and we repeat the process again. If Delaney stays people should stop funding the FAI with ticket and jersys sales, the only thing that will force him out.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Ranieri won the league with a team that had almost been relegated.
      Sometimes it IS the manager.

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          True story….
          Sam Maguire is in my son’s school this morning
          I asked Lady Bertie who is bringing it in (as it’s usually a player or two)
          “Hang on, they said who is bringing it on the WhatsApp” she says…
          “Liam McCarthy”.

  3. newsjustin

    The thing is (or one of the things is) that under the management regime just gone, the Irish squad and set-up seemed, from an outside observer, to be a thoroughly miserable, bitchy, and dull place to be.

    This was not helped by the regular bad humour of the management duo. Players play better when they’re happy, glad t be involved, not stressed about getting a bollicking and see those around them giving their all and not engaged in petty disputes with the media.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        his win % for Ireland is sh 1t (around 36%), but it’s not ant worse than his win % at leicester, villa or sunderland so FAI can’t be all that surprised

        his last job before (Sunderland) was 31%

  4. seanydelight

    Bring Kerr back into the fold, not as manager maybe, (despite him having the highest win record), but in the scouting and youth sides – he was brilliant at getting the talent motivated about the Ireland set up and creating a desire in them to play for us.

  5. Martco

    Allardyce. wait till u see.

    nothing will fundamentally change at the FAI & as for Delaney he’s going nowhere, leave a gig that enables him to earn the guts of 1/2 mil?!? (and that’s just the lucre that we get to hear about) they’ll go for another big jack, trust me it’s Allardyce.

  6. :-Joe

    We don’t have a regular influx of, let alone any effort in developing the small growing pool we have, of talented players for all sorts of reasons…

    No street fighting kids……

    Kids spend more time online in front of screens and indoors now than ever before due to various social and cultural changes that can have been ongoing and can be traced as far back as the 80’s.

    – Long story short, it has lead to issues like “helicopter parenting” and irrational fears of non-existant threats which have helped in creating an enviroment where kids don’t go out on the streets to just play for fun, express themselves, experiment and be creative and learn to play street football as Johnny Giles would say. We have a couple of generations full of obese drones playing fifa 19 and other online esports gaming though if you can enjoy that as a replacement sport.

    Less demand for Irish talent

    The premiership in engerland and other foreign leagues are not looking for Irish players as much anymore and it’s slowly been getting worse and worse for years now. Our dependancy on EPL players has led to the abuse of the granny rule at the expense of homegrown league of Ireland players who should have been given more chances to encourage a better long term investment strategy in the game in Ireland.

    Investment in grass roots….

    Investment in grass roots football around Ireland has been badly mismanaged and neglected for years…
    – If you can’t create a healthy environment for this, like top class facilities and five-a-side leagues and tournaments in every county to inspire kids, then nevermind individual street footballing genius there is no hope of any improvement in the future without any visible path to success for the youngsters.

    Successive bad managers….

    So many bad managers, even Jack Charlton was a poor manager with absolutely horrendus tactics that successive managers and almost every team we’ve had can’t seem to shake off since. Jack had a great squad of talented, experienced and hard working players and a hell of a lot o’ luck a de oirish with draws etc. that nobody wants to remember.
    – Generations of long ball delusional bull shyte is not going to be easy to stamp out anytime soon. It is now part the FAI dna and encoded so deeply in our collective consciousness even future players not even born yet will be doing it in twenty plus years time, mostly out of unconscious instinct like being possessed by a powerful evil spirit from the miserable and shyte majority of past Irish football history.

    Brian Kerr was never treated with the respect he deserved nor given the chances or riduculous rremuneration others have had by comparison. In my mind his only fault was being too humble and an honest decent hard working sort of person. He needs to be given a job at some level to help fix this.

    The media……

    The f… ing media and all their waffle over the years have done little next to nothing by comparison to help demand obvious long overdue and much needed change, other than bitch and moan at evey opportunity to generate headlines about nothing. Shame on you all…

    FAI (F… -all Interest/intelligence/investment) Delaney, the board members, Denis (The Haiti (Clinton Foundation) Menace) a.k.a REDACTED, successive ministers for sport and governments.

    FFS, where do you start with all this madness and where will it end?…

    Absolutely and catagorically pure insanity and nothing of any lasting value in terms of growth and progress to show for it from the past twenty-five years… A generation lost and a wasted opportunity to be even just better than Iceland or Wales…. and have some hope of a positive growth in the medium to long term future.

    We have no respect for football(soccer) in this country like we do for GAA and how the elitist establishment has for rugby with the huge advantages of all the financial support and investment from the wealther few.

    It’s a real shame because football the world over is a great game especially when it’s at International level without all the greed, corruption and money laundering of the various unscrupulous managment and also when there are no rapists getting paid millions to win easily in grossly unfair corporate sponsored leagues…

    Football is originally an english working class game and in Ireland maybe that’s why we are where we are with it…?

    The next manager will just make it look like another fresh turd covered in glitter.. It will last for a while as usual until yet again the rain washes away the delusion…

    Sack that gobshyte delaney and the board and put in modern structures of managment, accountability and oversight. No plan or strategy exists but none can work under the current regime.

    Even my better half knows this and the other day I was asked why Roy Keane isn’t playing since Ireland are so bad….?

    Jayzus….. what a mess.


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