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Martin O’Neill (left) and Roy Keane

This morning.

Over the moon?

Sick as a parrot?

The choice is yours.

Breaking Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane leave Ireland jobs by mutual agreement (RTÉ)


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Republic of Ireland soccer boss Martin O’Neill (centre) at a press conference ahead of Ireland’s match against Switzerland tomorrow

This morning.

At the Aviva Stadium Dublin.

Eurosport reports:

[Martin O’Neill] cracked his joke when asked about the policy of Wales boss Chris Coleman, who revealed earlier this week that his players’ wives and girlfriends would be banned from the squad’s base in France during the tournament as he attempts to remove all possible distractions.

And O’Neill batted the question away with a flippant comment, saying that only the “good-looking” wives and girlfriends would be allowed into the team hotel at the Euro 2016 finals.

“Well, it depends on how good looking the girls are,” he said. “If they are really attractive, they’re very, very welcome. The uglier ones, I’m afraid not.”


Martin O’Neill: We’ll ban ugly WAGs from the team hotel (Eurosport)

Pic: Maud

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Manager of the Republic of Ireland football team, Martin O’Neill, makes a statement, following the kerfuffle between Roy Keane and a member of the public at Portmarnock Hotel in Dublin last night.

Roy Keane has ‘full support’ of Martin O’Neill and FAI (RTÉ)


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ITV Sports last night.

Adrian Chiles: “Martin, the question on everyone’s lips, why choose Roy to work with?”

Martin O’Neill: “I’ve asked myself that many a time in the last couple [of days] or forty eight hours, but he’s coming with me! Personally speaking, it will be great for me, but more importantly it will be great for The Republic Of Ireland.”

Chiles: “Roy?”

“Fantastic news, delighted obviously, honoured that Martin’s asked me to come and help with the team. Fully excited – I mightn’t look it, but I am! And looking forward to working with the players in trying to get to the Euros.”

“It’s a Yin and Yang – I don’t know who’s a Yin and who’s a Yang – but it’s a marriage made in heaven – possibly?”

“Well, I’m the bad cop and I think he’s the bad, bad cop! But I think we’re excited by it, it looks as if we’ve got something to go with, to go forward with – looking forward to it greatly!”

Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill appointments a coup for Republic of Ireland, but don’t expect peace and harmony (Telegraph)

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Martin O’Neill lines up Roy Keane to form dream Republic of Ireland manager-coach duo (Luke Edwards, Daily Telegraph)