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We spoke of little else.

Good times.


Model Farm Road, Carrigrohane, Cork.

Squishy-hearted soccer hard man Roy Keane launching the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind’s national fundraising campaign, Guide Dog Day which takes place on Friday May 27.

The charity successfully matched 73 Guide Dog and Assistance Dog partnerships in 2021 and placed four Community Dogs in schools and facilities around the country.

Back of the net,

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

Pics: John Allen

From top: Gary Neville (left) and Roy Keane; Rajan Zed

This morning.

Further to Roy Keane blaming yoga for his “worst performance” during a podcast with football pundit Gary Neville…

…Rajan Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism, states:

“Passing blame of one’s crummy performance to highly beneficial yoga is quite out of line as many scientific/academic/clinical/etc. studies have revealed the multiple benefits yoga provide.

“President Michael Higgins recently reportedly commented that he would like to see yoga taught to school children across Ireland. According to US National Institutes of Health; yoga may help one to feel more relaxed, be more flexible, improve posture, breathe deeply, and get rid of stress. A research study by Trinity College Dublin indicated: Meditative and pranayama practices result in attentional, emotional, and physiological enhancements.

Keane needs to wake up and wholeheartedly re-incorporate highly beneficial yoga in his life. He was clearly doing a disservice to himself if not fully availing the valuable opportunities yoga provide.”


Small bow.


Yesterday: Roy Keane admits worst Man Utd performance came after yoga session (Daily Star)

What a character.

He’s crying on the TV about his family situation’ – Roy Keane hits out at Walters, Arter and Ward (Independent.ie)

Jon Walters?

Martin O’Neill (left) and Roy Keane

This morning.

Over the moon?

Sick as a parrot?

The choice is yours.

Breaking Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane leave Ireland jobs by mutual agreement (RTÉ)


Ah here.


Roy Keane Versus.

A podcast about what makes one footballer mean so much to one fan…

…deploying Roy Keane and his various deeds and misdeeds to examine the human condition

That fan, Neil Brennan writes:

From Saipan to Vieira, Ferguson to prawn sandwiches Roy Keane is the most fascinating footballer of his generation..It’s time to find out why

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