Kerry GAA footballer Kevin McCarthy


The court heard that McCarthy had not eaten on the day in question and that he had drank three or four cans of Carlsberg on the bus; five or six brandy and Baileys; and vodka and Red Bull.


The court heard that McCarthy headbutted and bit [security guard] Mr Zybura and also tried to kick him in the groin…


…he injured  garda, Garda Michael Dalton, who suffered a soft- tissue injury to his wrist and was unable to work for more than two months.


  Gda Coleman was also injured by McCarthy, who “bit him on the right hand, and left teeth-marks

Cage him!

Defence solicitor Padraig O’Connell said his client had never been in trouble with the law and was known for his sporting prowess.


Testimonials were handed in to court, including from Kilcummin GAA club, the Kerry County Board, and a former Killarney town councillor, Niall ‘Botty’ O’Callaghan…


Judge Waters convicted Mr McCarthy for all three assaults and fined him a total of €1,400.

Good times.

Kerry football star avoids prison after biting garda in drunk spree (

40 thoughts on “Bite Me

  1. Neilo

    Mr Zybara and Gda Coleman should be permitted to have a wee nip at this Punch caricature made flesh themselves – restorative justice!

      1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

        But according to another Kerryman having a big feed is the equivalent of being tipsy. I’m confused.

      2. kellMA

        so he was hangry… I imagine the Gardai will be following this up with a civil suit. I know I would. What an animal.

  2. Otis Blue

    Cllr Niall “Botty” O’Callaghan.

    What type of tool would be happy to style themselves so. Is it just a culchie councillor thing?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        must have been really fed up with “oh, you’re not kevin the footballer moran?” to come up with that

  3. scottser

    only done for a section 3 assault and not assault on a garda? lucky boy, that could have put him away for 5 years.

  4. Friscondo

    He did get off lightly, and it was a savage attack on that bouncer, but two months off for “soft tissue” injury? Yeah right.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Baileys and Brandy is absolutely gorgeous –
      mind you the last time I drank it I took the stairs up to bed on my arse by all accounts….

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Known fondly as a ‘Belfast Bomber’.
      But deserves a re-naming to keep with the times.
      A Kerry Appetiser?

    1. kellMA

      I don’t like Baileys (too sweet) and I’m not a fan of brandy either but strangely enough, the two together is not so bad….

  5. postmanpat

    Jazus you really can get away with things in this world if your a sports player.Biting a guard is GBH and a non sporty person would get a 3 years sentence easy. Peoples values are f–ed up seriously. Its about time the authority stopped holding sports on such a disproportionately high pedestal. But the public will isn’t there. You just have to look at the media coverage of this mccarty, keane whatever the hell its about story going about. It should be entertainment news only just like I’m a celebrity or xfactor .ie: NEVER to be taken seriously . If your into it? fine, If your not, you shouldn’t have to be exposed to it on front page news of all places. There’s a few fellas who hit guards, sitting in jail right now looking at this dope walking free???

    1. Institutionalise this!

      you sound jealous

      the bitterness is seeping through every word you put on here

      sometimes it’s funny

      sometimes …

  6. Joxer

    just another day in this lovely country of ours. this guy is a fecking animal – pure an simple and yet he gets off with a mere slap on the wrist? but that’s okay cause he can kick a ball

    why are character witnesses and all that petitioning the court nonsense allowed? If justice is to be blind it should be adjudicated on the facts not on the fact that someone who works as a councillor or is on a sporting board has said the perp is a nice person.

    1. kellMA

      I agree. I remember a friend of mines ex-husband was up in court for possession of indecent images of children. They were judged level 5 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the worst. He got 200 hours community service and they took character witnesses. I just really never understood the relevance of that, especially for a crime like that. Who cares if he is polite and early to work. It has no bearing on his behaviour in relation to that particular crime. If anything it shows you how devious they are that they can hide such an ugly part of their persona….

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        And when the Defence states it is the accused’s ‘first offence’, as if it merits rapturous applause – I believe they were so wily and devious to escape detection until then that it’s a further blemish to their character.

  7. Institutionalise this!

    fair fupping play to him

    he played the system and won

    I’d say there’s many of those lads who postman pat is waffling on about who would bite their hands off to be him.

  8. Daithi

    There’s a ‘Take your point/pint’ pun to be make in here but I’m too stupid to find it.

    That said, great to see the auld GAA fraternity sticking together to keep violent drunks on the streets. If he’s put away, who’ll call me a queer outside the pub on Stephen’s Day for wearing a scarf?

  9. Cornelius

    Why don’t you just fupp off with your anti GAA agenda *

    * Any non-positive comment about anything GAA related means you are anti GAA

  10. Harry M

    He got a small fine alirght but he was convicted so has a criminal record – this will affect his job prospects for life so that is some punishment

    1. :-Joe

      Not if your main job is to kick lumps out of people on a football pich and get smashed afterwards on a Sat/Sun night…


  11. :-Joe

    Things are handled differently in all sorts of places and for all sorts of reasons but that is weak justice…

    Fair play to him tho… it’s not his fault tribalism, violence, war and sport more often than not go hand in hand and are practically indistinguishable from each other unfortunately…

    It’s a lot of complex ideas for any one individual to deal with ……..


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