Chicas To The Front


This morning.

Ticketmaster, Stephen’s green, Dublin 2

Pop ‘revellers’ queuing to buy tickets for next May’s Spice Girls concert at Croke Park which reportedly sold out “within minutes” of going on sale at 9am.

From top, left to right: Edwina Moran, Lyndsey Mullen, Jade Hanaln and Joe Smith; Ruth Egan (“Sporty”), Sade (“Scary”), Michela Franceschetti (“Posh”) and Camilla Raparo (“Ginger”).

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6 thoughts on “Chicas To The Front

  1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    The wife went looking for ticket this morning. I reminded her they were “S***e” the first time round. She argued “no they weren’t” I asked her to “name three of their songs”

    Click . brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-)

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