A petition calling for chief executive of the FAI John Delaney to quit on change.org

This morning.

An online petition calling for the chief executive of the FAI John Delaney has secured more than 10,000 signatures.

The petition states:


John Delaney is on an annual salary of €360,000.

The club that comes in first place in the League of Ireland receives €110,000 (Before Champions League and Europa League prize money). This is completely ludicrous and we demand that Irish football become a priority for development of domestic players instead of relying on English clubs to do all of the development for us.


The real solution is complete restructure of domestic football in this country, but removing the current (useless) head of the FAI is a great start.


Remove John Delaney as head of the FAI (Change.org)

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12 thoughts on “Big Signings

        1. :-Joe

          Yeah fire the arrogant silly billy but while removing Delaney would be great it won’t solve any of the underlying problems…

          The government needs to step in and fire him and the whole FAI board and set up a new system that represents the whole sport in Ireland properly otherwise, nothing much will change in any meaningful way.

          The FAI with him at the top have been holding back the progress of Irish football for years now, mismanging the whole process of procedural and structural improvement, wasting and squandering financial expenditure and investment opportunities while he, as the ring leader of the FAI, is more concerned with paying off debts faster but at the expense of investing in any basic meaningful progress and growth.

          The FAI does not respect the league of Ireland and runs the international team like it’s own private club from a typical league system. Always wasting millions on managers who play the same tactics and quit when it gets too bad.

          Overpaid celebrity-style managers who cannot improve the teams because there is no plan to improve or even a basic system from grass roots youth through to seniour level to back it all up.

          The culture of Delaney and the FAI is to buy a manager with a name to give false hope to the deluded fanbase and hope to get a bounce of results and then rinse and repeat when the whole thing collapses within a year or two.

          Football(Soccer) in Ireland is not run like any other sport, it’s run like a singel private club team with a managment of total incompetance and little accountability and the whole system of the FAI that Delaney has the most control over is corrupted by his actions and even more by his lack of action since he’s arrived from the start.

          If the the football world and the fans don’t demand that the minister for sport and government step in and change things you won’t see much difference in the next decade in terms of grass roots football, setting up basic infrastucture and creating a decent environment for growing and supporting talented players.

          The league of Ireland should form it’s own seperate FA if they want to improve and progress from their current problems of being mismanged by the FAI.

          Niall Quinn was on offtheball.com last night talking about this and he makes perfect sense, it’s worth a listen.

          Niall Quinn, Brian Kerr and Stephen Kenny together could be a spine of a much better system than the current FAI board and Delaney.

          COYBIG “put-em-unda-presha” and let’s make it f…’n happen asap !!!!


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