Referee Daniel Sweeney

Further to the assault of football referee Daniel Sweeney following a game between Horseleap and Mullingar Town earlier this month…

Newstalk reports:

“Today, the Combined Counties Football League confirmed three [Mullingar Town] players involved in the incident will be banned “from all football activity under the jurisdiction of the FAI for 40 years”.

It means they also can’t coach, manage or be part of a club committee for that period.

A former Mullingar Town player who was “involved as a spectator” has received a life ban from all football activity, having previously been banned from playing for a previous assault.”

Three Mullingar Town players get 40-year football bans for involvement in referee assault (Newstalk)

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12 thoughts on “40-Year Bans

  1. Hank

    Good news. Maybe give the Combined Counties Football League to sentencing powers in our courts of law as well..

  2. Peter Dempsey

    Not named because it’s ongoing Garda investigation. But it’s ok to name the victim. Doesn’t make sense

    1. ReproButina

      The identity of the victim is not in question. The identity of the perpetrators has yet to be determined by a court, if a case is brought.

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