This morning.

At the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin 1.

Domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid is launching their ‘Breaking The Pattern of Male Violence’ report.

As part of this, lights have been laid out to remember the women and children killed in Ireland since 2006.


Seven women have suffered violent deaths in 2018 – Women’s Aid (RTE)

Top pics: Juliette Gash

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28 thoughts on “At The Rotunda

      1. Clampers Outside !

        Unknown in Ireland due to poor records of domestic violence by Gardai.

        Australia and UK put it at approximately 30 to 40% fatalities are male. The above report linked looks at a number of years since 1996. The reports I have viewed for Oz and UK tend to be per year.

        According to the report from RTE linked above “more than half” of female fatalities were in relationships with their killer.
        Latest from UK, linked below, says of men who died from domestic abuse, 42% were in a relationship with their killer (87% female / 13% male).

    1. Clampers Outside !

      This is a ‘femicide’ memoriam (although it includes kids, boys and girls). I agree that it would be nice to see all domestic violence victims treated in an all inclusive manner, but this is a piece organised by WomensAid to highlight their report which does not include male victims.

      I do believe in future there will be an inclusive approach to domestic violence and abuse, and the one sided and blind ideological approach will be a thing of the past.
      Ireland, and many countries, are moving away from the ideological approach, albeit in small steps, and will get to an inclusive approach in time. Change comes in small steps in such a highly sensitive space.

      1. Cian

        I sort of agree – but they are (mis)using statistics to hide the true extent of men-killed-by-female-intimate-partners.

        Perhaps you can enter the quiz below!

      2. Listrade

        I’m going to be oversensitive because I lost my cousin this week to domestic violence. I don’t disagree with you on the lack of coverage and violence against men, but just once I’d like to see a post go by on issues of violence against women, killing of women or any other woman’s issue without a whatabout thrown in.

        Right now you can lick the quotation marks around femicide off my salty balls because it’s all a bit too close and current at the moment. I don’t want to hear about agendas when someone I know was strangled to death and repeatedly burned with cigarettes by her partner.

        We don’t have to pollute every campaign with whatabout men. We can go out and have our own campaigns for men, we can do our own memoriam and press release instead of belittling the deaths that are being remembered. You may not think you are, but trust me, every time you come in with whatabout men, you are.


        1. Starina

          I’m so, so sorry to hear that Listrade. Please take care of yourself while processing this loss. and thank you.

        2. Clampers Outside !

          Sorry for your loss Listrade.

          I agree with your point that now is not the time for a whatabout men statement, as was my intent to quell that very question from the previous commenter. And as we are mentioning personal matters, I did so as a man who survived years of abuse and violence at the hand of my partner.

          1. Starina

            I also suffered abuse by my ex-husband. We split 11 years ago and I still hear his voice in my head sometimes.

            I think it’s good when people say it, it shows that it’s not an issue for anonymous Other People. Every time someone is on public transport, or their office, or a busy restaurant, statistically there’s at least one person (regardless of gender) around who has suffered domestic abuse or sexual assault.

          2. millie st murderlark

            Oh Star, I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing your side of it.

            Hope you’ve moved on to sunnier and better things xx

  1. Cian

    Quiz time boys and girls

    According to the Women’s Aid ‘Breaking The Pattern of Male Violence’ report 98 of 175 women have been killed by a current or former male intimate partner [between 1996–2018].

    In the same period, how many men have been killed by a current or former female intimate partner?. Go on, have a guess.

    The lines will close at 5pm

    1. Cian

      The answer is about 50.

      For every 100 women have been killed by a current or former male intimate partner there are 50 men killed by a current or former female intimate partner.

      This is hidden in statements like “almost half (47%) of all femicide victims in 2012 were killed by their intimate partners or family members compared to less than 6% of male homicide victims” 47% versus 6%!!!

      …but this ignores the fact that men are 4 times more likely to be killed. So the 6% is of a number four times bigger. e.g. For every 1000 murders, 200 are women (of these 94 are ‘femicide’), 800 are men (of these 54 are ‘androcide’).

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