Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for a curb on immigration in Europe to ‘stop the rise’ of the far right

You won’t see a sorrier sight
Than a loser who jumps to the right
And tries to outflank
The orange skinned crank
By spouting the same racist shite

John Moynes

Pic: Associated Press

58 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Neilo

    Maybe Hillary is realizing she might need the support of the deplorables/bitter clingers were she to run once more for public office. Bill was fairly hawkish on illegal immigration to the US during his presidency so La Clinton is on brand here.

    1. Rob_G

      I don’t know – is it a hawkish position to feel that a country should have control of its borders? For almost the entirety of human history, it was viewed at the most important function of a state.

      1. Neilo

        Rob_G: I agree with you. I’m endlessly amused by the Democratic Party’s 180 on this issue over the last decade or so.

        1. Rob_G

          Ah ok. It’s funny all the flak that Trump gets over immigration, solely on having come up with the catch-phrase, it seems; net migration from Mexico to the U.S. actually turned to a net negative under Obama, but you don’t really hear a peep about him.

          1. Neilo

            Well, Rob, we were privileged to witness The Lightworker in His apotheosis so I think collective amnesia/selective hearing is the very least He is due.

          2. Nigel

            Isn’t it funnier that the right tried to paint him as an open borders use-illegals-as–shock-troops-to-drive-out-the-whites threat to western civilisation? You’d think people would learn not to accept right-wing framing as defaulting to truth, such as the idea that finding Trump awful on immigration means you must be opposed to border controls of any sort.

            Still, what Clinton is doing is making the usual concession to the right. I expect she’s just trying to be reasonable, but in the current moment the right does not respond to reason and everybody else is tired of seeing centrist politicians make concessions to them.

  2. Starina

    disappointing. she’s too old-school. If she runs again the dems are fooked. I don’t understand how they don’t get that they need fresh blood and can’t rest on legacies anymore.

    1. Pee Pee

      Bringing out JFK’s grand nephew to offer a rebuttal to Trump’s State of the Nation speech at the start of the year, was a disaster PR move.

  3. Dan

    Of course anyone who disagrees with mass immigration is a racist. Thanks for the political insight John Moynes, maybe stick to the limericks.

      1. Captainpants

        Probably cause they’re not racists. Racists are people who hate and think other people are inferior to them because of their race. Not people who think immigration needs to be delicately managed in order to work properly.

        1. Captainpants

          Defining a position as moderate as “Immigration needs to be delicately managed in order to work properly” as racist, is definitely part of what made some people angry enough to vote for moron like Trump, Ill give you that .

          1. Nigel

            If it did they’re either liars or stupid or stupid people lying to themselves. Consider immigration under Obama. If anything he made a better job of ‘delicately’ controlling the border than anyone on the right. The left were heavily critical of ICE but showed no inclination to call for open borders. The right on the other hand screamed that he was letting in floods of immigrants to murder them in their beds. Now: who is being divisive? Who is lying? Who is being stupid? In Europe we are dealing with one of the worse refugee crises in history and we’re not dealing with it well but we’re trying. In the US illegal immigration at the southern border has been declining and Trump has sent the feckin army down there. Stop trying to pretend your sensible middle ground exists outside of that global political context.

          2. scottser

            arguably, if certain countries stopped bombing the poopy out of other countries, they wouldn’t have to ‘delicately manage’ their immigration ‘issue’.

  4. Joh

    Denis O’Brien has a lot on his plate these days,actually most days as it appears all this stress has caused him to pile on the pounds,or put some junk in the trunk.
    It’s unlikely he had much to be thankful for yesterday with Digicel tethering on the edge of a bankruptcy filling,whistleblowers rumored to be testifying at the House Hearings in early December against the Clinton Organized Crime Family.

    I was extremely thankful yesterday,that he is longer bounding onto the stage in NY,with his serial predator BFF.

    Donations~any correlation to this crime syndicates proximity to power ?

    2015 Total Contributions: $182.5M

    2016 Total Contributions: $135.4M

    2017 Total Contributions: $22.8M

  5. Nick

    How is it racist to want controlled immigration?
    In a state where our resources are streched to the breaking point, hospital beds and rental crisis being two very good indicators, can you tell us how many we can take in? An exact number which is fully costed would be appreciated.

    1. baz

      there will be no response to counter or pick apart any point you have made.
      you will simply be ignored or called a racist.

    2. rotide

      It’s not racist at all.

      You have to remember that there are plenty of people on these pages who openly say ‘there should be no borders at all’ and it’s hard to have a discussion with that as a starting point.

      1. Nigel

        ‘Plenty?’ Ah c’mon. I think I’ve seen that said a couple of times by one commenter? I may have missed others but ‘more liberal immigration policies’ is not the same as open borders, a thoroughly libertarian position most libertarians hurry to disavow. Nor is calling for a humane response to the refugee crisis or the abolition of Direct Provision.

        1. rotide

          I’ve seen it go unchallenged enough times on here to make it stick in my head. Steering well clear of the DP question to avoid being labelled a racist forever.

  6. Yep

    The sensible position is somewhere in the middle of open borders and close them completely but it becomes lost in the din of ideological Ranting.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      I think what you’re referring to is managed immigration to provide sufficient people with the skills needed to improve the society they wish to move to.
      By this management a proper infrastructure can be built – housing,education and health – based on need not speculation.
      Welcome to the 51.89 percenters.

  7. Ollie Cromwell

    I wonder if this lame limerick writer might compose an ode to the thousands of Irish illegal immigrants,sorry ” undocumented “,in the US reminding them that they’re breaking the law and ought to return home forthwith.

    1. Dub Spot

      Or to the thousands of English illegal immigrants in the U.S.

      Still, their compatriots in Ireland will be going home soon….

  8. rotide

    Good of Moynes to provide a link to the article which completely refutes his assertion.

    Read it all, failed to find anything racist about it but couldn’t help agree with most everything she said.

    Of course, her crime is not being left enough and the penalty for that is eternal derision.

    1. Nigel

      God save you from a bit of derision. I’d say Clinton has weathered a fair bit in her career but a derisory limericks from Moynes is sure to be the one thing that finally wrecks her completely.

      Seriously the sheer mass of lies and hate and harassment she’s been subjected to from the right down the years but ho boy here’s a sarky verse by a lefty poet on a mildly popular Irish website what a nightmare for her! Bloody hell.

        1. Nigel

          It’s all the fault of divisive right-wing identity politics that have pushed him to such extremism. Being a poet I expect he has a lot of economic anxieties too.

          1. CO2 Rocks

            I presume Nigel and Moynes practice this open door migration policy in their own lives and never lock their doors or windows so any passing migrant can make themselves right at home in their respective domiciles.

            Any less is racist.

          2. Nigel

            I presume you live in a house that has been completely sealed and pumped full of C02, anything less is a concession that anthropomorphic climate change is real.

          3. CO2 Rocks

            Change the topic quick Nigel, don’t want anybody finding our how racist you might be.

            Remember: Orange Man Bad!

          4. millie st murderlark

            He’s only taking the lead from you, who deflects and reverts to infantile name calling when confronted with a comment you don’t like.


          5. Nigel

            Change the topic quick zuppy don’t want anyone finding out you think anthropomorphic climate change is real.

      1. f_lawless

        Nigel you seem like an intelligent person but when it comes to Clinton, your objective reasoning seems to go out the window. Trying to frame valid criticism of Clinton – eg. the destruction of Libya, the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation, the hijacking of the DNC, etc as a “sheer mass of lies and hate and harassment” sounds more like an emotional response than anything else. I could be way off the mark, but might you be in a relationship with someone who is very pro-Clinton?

        1. Nigel

          There are plenty of valid things to criticise Clinton about. She’s centre-right, hawkish on foreign policy, liberal on some social policy but not liberal enough and entrenched in current political power structure. Ie a Democrat. Getting angry about how all that gets lost in the endless lying and harassment of the right and the pro-Putin left does make me angry, so it is an emotional response, and why shouldn’t it be? Not that it matters since she’s not actually likely to run, and if she does she won’t make it out of the primaries, our last line is one of the most monumentally stupid ‘so this must be why you’re a Clinton supporter’ things I’ve seen and that takes some doing, congrats.

          1. f_lawless

            Nigel elsewhere on this thread you’ make reference to “divisive right-wing identity politics”. Are you aware of the irony that you yourself are indulging in negative identity politics?
            “Getting angry about how all that gets lost in the endless lying and harassment of the right and the pro-Putin left does make me angry, so it is an emotional response, and why shouldn’t it be?”.
            You’re dismissively labelling people who air valid criticisms of Clinton as belonging to an ideological group driven by negative thinking.
            PS- Emotional Reasoning – “is a cognitive process by which a person concludes that his/her emotional reaction proves something is true, regardless of the observed evidence.”

          2. Nigel

            You’re being very vague about precisely what you are referring to, but let us stipulate that no, there is no irony, those are my sincerely held progressive liberal ideals. That you label them as ‘negative identity politics’ is merely a sign of how deeply you have bought into the right-wing framing of anything liberal as negative or divisive.

            If you had actually read what I wrote you would see I was making a point about the difficulty of distinguishing between valid criticism and ‘negative ideological’ attacks of the kind that seek to overwrite reality in the manner of Trump’s White House asserting that Acosta assaulted that aide. Don’t complain to me about how your supposedly valid criticisms of Clinton are getting mislabeled or misconstrued, blame the people putting reality itself under assault.

            I maintain anger at the behaviours of the right is an entirely rational and even necessary response. To mix up emotional responses with what you describe as emotional reasoning the way you do suggests someone who is either scared of emotions or doesn’t know how they work or who thinks that accusing someone else of having emotions implies a fault in them, which is trollish.

  9. Dub Spot

    Odd that she seems to have turned into Angela Merkel physically though. Angela any day. You can can keep “her”.

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