‘David Already There’


Whatsapp messages released to Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy under the Freedom of Information Act gives further details on the New York meeting between former minister for communications Denis Naughten (top left) and businessman David McCourt, which led to Mr Naughten’s resignation

This morning.

Via The Irish Examiner:

Social democrat TD Catherine Murphy, said it was only through her persistence that the thread of messages, many of which are punctuated with emoji, were released.

“In recent months I submitted a large volume of different and very specific freedom of information requests on various aspects of the former minister’s conduct throughout the National Broadband Plan process,” she said.

With the exception of a handful, they have all either been declined, sent back for rewording, or have asked for what are already narrow timeframes to be narrowed further.

“Every obstacle in the FoI Act has been put in front of me regarding getting access to basic information, such as the former minister and his official’s interactions with David McCourt, Granahan McCourt, and Enet.”

In declining to grant access to some of the conversation, Murphy was told that “pictures on the WhatsApp messages [such as] refreshments, individuals, and minors” had been removed.

Murphy said she has now been left with more questions than answers.

“I am also anxious to understand if I have been left short of screenshots of the group on the day in question,” she said.

So what happened in the Big Apple, Denis? (Daniel McConnell, Irish Examiner)

Denis Naughten FoI details show US meeting (Irish Examiner)

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7 thoughts on “‘David Already There’

  1. Eoin

    “The following day, Monday, July 16, Naughten and McCourt met.” says the Irish Examiner today

    The Examiner’s graphic of the WhatsApp group messages doesn’t include any WhatsApp message for Monday 16

    The two messages (1) “On way now, so sorry,” Coogan wrote in the WhatsApp group. (2)
    “Yep, pull the other one,” replied Naughten.” appear on the Examiner’s graphic on the Tuesday 17 July. The Examiner graphic doesn”t have the message “David already there & said ask for him at door,”

    Maybe the Examiner graphic is dodgy.


  2. Dr.Fart MD

    are we the most corrupt country in the world? i know officially it’s like Venezuela or somewhere, but it feels like we are, because I can’t think of a body/organisation not rife with corruption.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        just looked it up. we are the 19th MOST corrupt country. that’s ahead of a loooooot of countries.

        1. rotide

          No, thats 19th LEAST corrupt.

          You’re just too stupid to read a wikipedia chart correctly.

          Did you actually think that Denmark and New Zealand stood astride as the leaders in world corruption?

          Which says it all about your theory of us being a massively corrupt nation.

  3. Verbatim

    Who says that list isn’t corrupt? Maybe Ireland is so corrupt that most of it goes unreported and doesn’t make it on that stupid list, but WE see it.

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