College Drops Out


Students and teachers, including Gisela Dunlop (above), who is due a baby next month, and Richard Dunlop (above) outside Grafton College language school this morning.

Grafton College has up to 500 students. It is understood that these students will be accommodated in other schools.

More than 20 teachers say they have been told that their jobs are gone just weeks before Christmas.

There are still around two weeks in the term to go before the Christmas break.

Speaking to RTÉ News, teachers said they have no idea what is going to happen and no idea if they will be paid the wages they are owed.

Meeting held as Dublin language school ceases classes (RTÉ)


5 thoughts on “College Drops Out

  1. Eoin

    Fantastic business model, Irish language schools, get a full term’s fees from students up-front, liaise with employers and landlords to offer employment and accommodation that the natives would contemn (all for a fee of course), employ tutors who you pay in arrears, the classes are half-filled as the students are really here to work and then BOOM! sorry, business has failed.

    Obvs, don’t know what has happened in this specific instance, but the above model has been commonplace over the years.

    PS I feel very sorry for the Dunlops who are out of pocket (one month’s salary apiece) and now, out of a job as well, just as we’re coming up to Christmas. And they got married last week and Gisela is expecting. Very sad indeed. Is there anything Broadsheet can do to help?

    1. diddy

      attendance is pretty strict St language schools, but just as the government are driving the economy with their arms folded with regards to housing, they are also willfully oblivious to the immigration input if language schools. There are no quotas on non EU immigration, no age restriction, no limits whatsoever.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    I’m fairly sure this is the 8th or 9th English school to go bust over the last 5/6 years. As Eoin points out it’s a nice little earner for disgusting individuals who have no problem getting a good nights sleep while exploiting the desperate and the naive. Like many things in this country the government turn a blind eye, couldn’t give a fiddlers about such things, filling up the trough is way more important. There will be another story like this soon enough and more than likely its a “model” that is replicated across other English speaking countries. If there is no penalty for such criminality then it will continue and leave broken dreams in its wake. My sympathies to the Dunlop couple, don’t let it get you down, pick up the pieces and move on, scratch it down to experience and make the best of the Christmas season. The new year holds all sorts of possibilities I’m sure!

  3. Mé Féin

    “It is understood that these students will be accommodated in other schools” = weasel phrase.

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