Rebranding Belfast


Colm Dore writes:

Suggested plans for the centre of Belfast, including copying the name ‘Tribeca’ from New York, seem to be interesting people, although, maybe not as the marketing strategy intended….

Previously: New £500m Tribeca project ‘will push Belfast to the forefront of European cities’ (Belfast Telegraph, November 29)

7 thoughts on “Rebranding Belfast

  1. Jasper

    But is there a Canal Street in Belfast?

    Will this new area form a rough triangle south of said street?

    If not, Jasper says NO

    1. George

      A developer building on windmill lane has called their office buildings SOBO-whatever and tried to make it into a name for the area but it didn’t work. They’re still rich though so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

      I wonder how happy they’d have been if the name was successful and other businesses in the area started using it…

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