UK Labour Party MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle makes a Brexit protest in Britain’s House of Commons yesterday

Westminster’s a curious place
And the Brits are rather odd race
Their latest disorder’s
Not caused by hard borders
Just a chap with a five foot long mace

John Moynes

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7 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Would’ve got more respect had he twizzled it in the air and broke out with ‘There may be trouble ahead…..’ with all the Commons to their feet as a harmonious singing and dancing chorus.

  2. Murtles

    Surprised they seen him do it with their usual blustering and shouting when someone is trying to talk. Thought our shower were bad but the HoC is just a glorified a kindergarten.

  3. Martco

    A brexiteering racist called Charger
    Yearns a time when his empire was larger
    Daily venting his spleen
    (And though still on the scene)
    Broadsheeters hope for his imminent departure

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