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  1. Dub Spot

    Airport shuts because of drones.

    If you’ve ever been in the Aer Club Lounge in Dublin Airport you’d know the feeling.

  2. millie st murderlark

    I love the tone of disbelieving outrage from the Express. They never fail to delight. I sometimes wonder if they’re even a real paper. Or if they’re just a satirical publication masquerading as some sort of mainstream rag.

    Also, is it just me or is the Star beginning to resemble a TV guide more than an actual newspaper. If it ever even was one to begin with…

    Clearly these are the real issues facing us tomorrow.

    1. The Pokémon community.

      The definition of ‘newspaper’ changes too rapidly.
      As you rightly point out it’s the TV Guide for too many, it’s the internet for most.

      If it isn’t clickbait it isn’t News.
      Why would you print it? Most people don’t read stuff.

      FECK OFF Newspapers.
      WE are the internet. We will,rob your content under ‘fair use’ until you die. And then we’ll die.

  3. scottser

    It’s lovely here without salmons all the same. I cant wait for march 30th when he fupps off for good.

    1. The Old Boy

      Has he been sent to sit on the naughty step? If memory serves, his “Charger” persona disappeared this time last year, to re-emerge as Ollie in mid-January. Perhaps it’s the university holidays?

        1. bisted

          …xenophobic even…also I had hoped he would remind me of that technological solution the brits had for the border…

          1. bisted

            …I crossed swords with Frilly once…since then warrior princesses hold no fear for me…or queens either for that matter…

      1. Brother Barnabas

        he stomped off in a supposed huff over censorship. bad sport, really: brexit humiliation was too much for him.

  4. SOQ

    Brexit not mentioned once. It has been a long time since that happened.The calm before the storm I think.

    1. Eoin

      Indo and Times Ireland mightn’t have been published when you wrote that, but they’re headlining “we’re unprepared for a hard border” which, in the body, contains the stark conclusion that as soon as the UK concludes any trade deal with another country, bananas from Haiti for example, there’ll need to be a hard border to stop such goods coming into the EU.

      Winter is coming, but never Christmas, as they say…

  5. Giggidygoo

    I see another ‘project’ has overrun by at least 50% of the original tender. And out comes the taxpayers cheque book once again. The Flintstones, who were involved in building dinny’s Aloft hotel are very lucky, so they are!

    But, once again we see that unsuccessful tenderers look on as their tender is rejected, the usual guys get the gig, and the tender price is then increased by 50% – the sky’s the limited %.

    Wouldn’t it be great to be part of ‘de system’

    1. Cian

      “In a bid to make the venue commercially viable, a complete redesign was ordered”

      This was the problem. If you get a quote, sign a contract, and then change the design you will be shafted by the contractor. We should be looking at who signed off changing the design.

  6. Eoin

    It’s a record !!!!!!!!
    Within hours of the Oireachtas finishing up for Christmas (the Seanad was sitting yesterday), the disgrace from Ranelagh publishes the homeless in emergency accommodation numbers for November 2018.

    A record 9,968 nationally are homeless. That includes a near record of 3,811 children.
    In Dublin, a record 6,945 are homeless. That includes a near record 2,816 children.

    The government is going to extreme lengths to keep people off the list to stop it breaching 10,000. It’s estimated at least an addtional 600 are without a home and receiving support from the government homeless services. Of course, it ignores rough sleepers which are a downward trend at the start of the year are increasing again. And it ignores those who want their own accommodation but are stuck with family or friends or 8-in-a-double-bedroom bunks.

    A disgrace Eoghan Murphy who is 18 months in the job. His predecessor was Simon Coveney.

    Let’s hope in 2019 the CSO take over the compilation of these numbers and Murphy is fired into back bench oblivion until the next election.


  7. Eoin

    The Times Ireland reports

    “The yellow vest group will hold its second demonstration in Dublin tomorrow.

    The list [15 demands read out at last week’s demonstration] included public ownership of oil and gas, legalisation of medical marijuana and abolition of the TV licence. A rise in minimum wage, abolishment of the household charge and property tax, collection of all owed corporation tax and a cap on rent of €400 a bedroom were also proposed.”

  8. Eoin

    Happy Christmas Perrigo, now give us that €1,640,000,000 in back tax.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people, the purveyors of modern day snake oil – XLS medical slimming stuff, NiQuitin, Nytol.

    1. Johnny

      No interest,no penalties no chance of getting this,still it’s shares were off 7% overnight.

      ‘The NoA is dated November 29, 2018, and assesses an Irish corporation tax liability against Elan Pharma in the amount of €1,636 million, not including interest or any applicable penalties. Perrigo strongly disagrees with this assessment and believes that the NoA is without merit and incorrect as a matter of law. In addition, no payment of any amount related to this assessment is required to be made, if at all, until all applicable proceedings have been completed, which could take a number of years.’


  9. johnny

    A very odd and strange announcement from Digicel this morning,they already have a Vice Chairman who’s still on their web site!

    Step forward ….

    “Leslie Buckley
    Vice Chairman
    Leslie is a founding director of the board of directors and has been actively involved in the development of our pan-Caribbean GSM network.”

    So if Les hasn’t resigned how can….
    “Jean Yves Charlier has been appointed Executive Vice Chairman of Digicel Group, reflecting his more active involvement in Digicel since joining the Board last August.”


    And a very Merry Christmas to you Les,look over there a bus,juped or pushed is the question, in the midst of all this debt default very strange timing, unless there’s some more bad news for Les,but don’t worry Dennis has your back:)

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